why don't you give someone a hug today, maybe even a stranger.....not only will it make them feel better but it will make you feel better too (hugs are scientifically proven to be good for your heart and overall health)

Today I was thinking about how many people really have noone to hug them and make them feel like the world is not such a bad place. I also thought about all the people I know and care about, but how I never give them as many hugs as I should.....sooo i decided i needed to hug more people.
Some people feel very strongly about hugging and have taken this simple act to a new level. One such person is Juan Mann. He started a free hug campaign in 1994. Since its start thousands of people have made "free hugs" boards.
If standing on the street waiting to give out hugs is not your thing, my suggestion is that you should make a "hug list" and try hug some of the people on it (sure, some of the people you may not be able to get to - but write them down anyway).

Below I decided to draw up a quick "hug list" of my own:

1. The man who sells the Big Issue mag at the traffic lights near my house. I see him everyday and no matter what he is smiling and making jokes. He makes me smile when i see him and that deserves a hug.
2. All the victims of Xenophobia in South Africa right now. Some of them have lost everything and for no reason except they are not South African.
3. A polar bear - as they just made the endangered species list
4. A tree - because without them we are in serious trouble
5. My family & friends - I am so thankful for them
6. My boyf - any reason to touch him more ;)
7. YOU - because you took the time to read my blog, thanks.

....and if you cant reach out and hug someone literally, send them a virtual may still give that warm fuzzy feeling on the other end....
Happy hugging!!!


  1. Did you see that guy on the Oprah show? Amazing. Such a nice, sweet post.

  2. Here's a hug for you, too! ( )

  3. Great idea. Let's make someone's day beautiful. That's a lovely think to do. And it feels good!


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