Poor me syndrome

I will be the first one to admit that most woman act crazy. We often act using just our emotions to guide us....we cry for no reason, we sometimes go off on mad rant about some totally irrelevant thing (or so we are told) and we obsess about the way we look...
Lets face it, some of us act crazy on a good day, so when PMS comes around we become completely irrational.

PMS (or what i like to call "Poor Me syndrome") is the wonderful time of the month where we are so hormonal, bloated and annoyed that we feel (no, we know) the whole world doesnt like us and thinks we are ugly.

I shall be the first to raise my hand "yes, i act crazy and irrational during PMS"

I can almost cry at anything. Most often at: Oprah, sad news stories, having nothing to wear, my boyfriend being so called "insensitive" and romantic movies. Its seems to be the best universal excuse for any insane behaviour, over eating and sobbing our little hearts out. Most woman throw countless pity parties and feel totally and utterly unloved.

(Men: please be warned attempting to call us crazy, mental or silly during this time will have a devastating result)

During PMS no matter what clothes i try on I will feel ugly and horribly chubby...my skin will be bad and no matter what a man does he is not going to get it 100% right...
SO, If you (or your man) think you are the only one getting cranky once a month, think again..

Heres some PMS facts:

*An estimated 75 percent of menstruating women experience some form of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), according to the National Institutes of Health.

* PMS first described in 1931 as a "state of unbearable tension," a description most women can understand to a certain degree.

*Although it's possible to create a list of dozens and dozens of PMS symptoms, the most common are bloating/water retention and the resulting weight gain, breast tenderness and lumpiness, headaches, cramps, fatigue, irritability, mood swings, and anxiety.

* The exact cause of PMS isn't known
What can we do about it?

* Exercise- Lack of physical activity increases the risk of PMS. Also, Excess body weight has been shown to increase the symptoms of PMS.
* In addition to over-the-counter medications & herbal help, a variety of prescription drugs can be helpful in relieving or reducing PMS symptoms. These include birth control pills, diuretics ("water pills") and antidepressants (ONLY for severe PMS or PMDD).

*Some studies show that drinking tea and increasing carbohydrates during the weeks preceding menstruation is helpful. Try stay away from alcohol....but maybe buy some for your man so he can at least cope ;-)

* Large amounts of ice-cream, pizza and chocolate...?? Unfortunately not, apparently you have to try limit your sugar intake before your period.

*Give yourself space and don't expect to be Super Woman all the time. Take care of yourself first, even if it means that your husband or significant other has to cook dinner or wash the dishes.

* DONT make major decisions on your PMS days. Most decisions can wait until you are back to your normal, cheerful self.


  1. Ha ha -Poor Me. Yes, indeed. Well, as I say, I don't usually get PMS, so it's a bit weird for me.

  2. Very insightful article. Good one. But I don't think my PMS is that bad, most of those days I just feel absolutely normal.


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