baked beans

I loathe being broke....but dont we all.

I bought some books yesterday and now i feel guilty. They were such nice books, I just had to have them (Damn you books, why must you have such pretty covers).
Hopefully i can practice self control for the rest of the month or the boyf and I will have to live on baked beans. Worse still, we will have a to take our own food along on the short August trip....and I dont know how customs will feel about that.. I see it now:

Customs official: Miss, are those baked beans in your bag?
Me: Well not really. You see, thats a new face mask. They package them in cans now. Beans are the new clay.
Customs official: Miss, can you please come with me. Sir, Are you travelling with this lady?
The boyf: Nope, never seen that crazy bean carrying lady in my life.

I am afraid its time to learn to really save - maybe i will even like it (hey, it could happen!)

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