The Burrito with too much filling

I lived in California for a few years and while I lived there i began to love a few things: The cheap clothes, Being able to see all my favourite bands, cold stone ice-cream, Disneyland, my american friends and Mexican food.

Since Ive been back in South Africa I have craved Mexican food everyday. Not just any mexican food though - the kind i could get in California. Sadly, there is no El Pollo Loco, El Torito or Taco Bell on this continent and finding a decent mexican restuarant is a bit of a mission..... So I decided to make some of my own mexican food.
Today i shall share my burrito with too much filling recipe. Okay, so its not an authentic burrito recipe but it tastes good!

What you must get to make easy burritos:
* cut up fillet chicken (or thin cut steak- but I prefer chicken)
* some tortillas (flour ones)
* ripe avocadoes
* onion
* tomatoes
* grated chedder cheese
* sour cream (plain)
* Spanish style rice (if you can find it or any rice you like)
* hot chilli sauce (if thats your thing)
(Note: amount of ingredients depends on how many burritos you want to make)
* a can of Pinto beans
How to put it all together:
* Cook the chicken anyway you like it (preferably hot or cajun spiced).Cook the chicken on high heat in a pan with olive oil.
* Make the rice.
*pour the pinto beans into a pan with oil (dont need to drain them). Add some garlic & herbs. Squash with a potatoe masher until soft and easy to stir (if it gets to hard and lumpy, add some water). Heat until hot and squishy. Put onto a plate and add some grated cheese in (if you like)
* Mash up the avocadoes (without skin) and add salt and pepper.
* Cut up the tamotoe and onion into small little pieces. You can cook the onion a bit in olive oil if you are not a fan of raw onions.
* Heat the tortillos under the grill on each side for about 30 seconds to 1 minute (Do not burn them or they become too crispy to roll nicely)
* Put the tortilla on a flat surface, then place all the ingredients on top of one another, along the center of the tortilla : starting with refried beans, grated cheese, rice, chicken, a blob or two of sour cream, mashed avo, tamatoe/onion mix and ending with a few drops of chilli sauce (if you want).
* When you are done, roll the tortilla from one side to the other. Obviously pass over the filled part when rolling and do not roll the food out :)

In the end you should have a yummy Burrito with too much filling.

Now pour yourself a Margerita and enjoy!

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