The Friday happy feeling

The week is finally over. Yippee!!! I feel the urge to sing and run around peoples desks.

So far my friday has started off ok. I woke up wearing my *super girlfriend cape, So I made the boyf coffee, eggs and toast for breakfast.
After I did all my usual "getting ready" things, I did the math and calmly gave into the fact that I wasnt going to have a good hair day (curly hair + no time + rain = frizzy mess). With the hair issue out of the way and a big kiss from The boyf , We took off for work...

I got to work and some parking challenged person had partially invaded my parking space. I felt annoyed and considered lipstick writing something on his windscreen BUT in the middle of my mad thoughts I realised its Friday (Yippee!!!) and I could not bring myself to seek revenge. I finally squished my car between the two cars and said a little prayer that the parking challenged man on my left is not a fatty.

So here i am, at my desk with a clear view of "Stumpie" (This is what i affectionately call the dead office plant that had all its limbs cut off and hasnt been replaced yet) wishing I had a vanilla latte and hoping for 4:30pm to arrive asap.

Notes: * For those who were wondering I do not literally have a super girlfriend cape, I do think it would be cool to own one..Im sure I could find some uses for it ;-)


  1. Hi J, this is a msg for you and not really a comment on the Blog specifically. I had a look at your blog though and it does look cool. I'll def check it out from time to time.
    You recently left a comment on my blog ... planetpi.
    I was wondering if you know how to see the hits on blogspot. I signed up for the analytics function, however when it gets to actually implementing it seems like I need to know some kind of computer programming code. Any tips/help?
    You can mail me at if you feel like it but won't mind if you don't. Have a cool weekend SuperGirl.

  2. i hate parking space invaders.

    you should have lipsticked the windscreen. :)

  3. I hate parking space invaders too! Grrr!


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