Soap scum

I have found myself watching The Bold and the Beautiful in the evenings....I know, i am embarressed to even admit to such a thing -but admitting I have a problem is the first step to recovery.

Its an evil, superficial show that get you hooked because every episode ends when you really want to know what the person is about to you watch the next day and the same thing happens....grrrrrrrr.....Its a vicious, unending, soapie cycle.
The B&B has been on TV since 1987....Scary fact, but true.
Im sure alot of people are actually highly addicted to shows like this. I am not yet at the addiction stage (or am i deep in denial), but I am seriously thinking I better stop watching before I get dependent.
I mean who knows what will happen once you make one soapie part of your thing you know you will start to watch Days of our lives or Passions as well. Then you will start speaking about all the characters in your soap opera like you know them personally (seriously I have met people like this)..After that you will probably lose most of your friends...but by then you wont care anyway because you will have new celebrity "friends" in TV land
If you worried you may be addicted to soaps click here and read the signs of soap opera addiction. If you are already sure you have an addiction to soap operas then click here

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  1. Hahahaha. This is a very hilarious post. Thanks for putting a very big smile on my face!


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