This is an old poem of mine I thought id share:

Half & Half:
I do not always recognize myself
Too much these days I have become split
Down the middle, two halves of this whole
Part of me wanting nothing, the other side demanding it all

I hate to admit that I have become dull and uncreative
I write so little, I feared I could not anymore
Challenging myself now to grab onto any remains
Things cant stay the way they are in two places

My childhood seems far behind me, my adulthood still far in front
Dwelling this middle ground of chaotic notions
On this plain I stand, untouched, indecisive, moving nowhere

I must jump or run or dance
But I stand knowing I cannot go back
So petrified to just move forward
A little war that rages within me, tempts me to freeze

I realize I must take these steps now
Dream these quixotic, unstoppable dreams
Half and half I am still a whole
Divided by my regrets, but held together by my passions

by me - Nov 2005

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