Seriously folks - Candy!!

As we all get older we find out more and more about our families ...Some things are great surprises and other discoveries are not so great...

a few good things to find out about family:

1. your Gran has owned shares in Microsoft since it started
2. Your related to a royal family
3. Your parents are actually super heroes (That would be awesome)
4. Your mom has a secret stash of cool stuff for you that she has been saving for when you get older
5. Your parents are actually cool friends to have
6. Your older brother has seriously hot friends
7. your parents didnt name you something awful

a few bad things to find out about your family:

1. Your parents are getting divorced and are not really happy
2. Your dog didnt run away, he is burried in the back yard
3. Some of your family members are on the FBI's "Most wanted"list
4. That you are far more innocent than your little sister
5. your parents actually have sex (you know this because you walked in on them)
6. your parents were going to name you "Candy" (Shocking!!)
Yup, my parents once told me they were going to call me "Candy". Not Candice or Canderella or something like that...Just plain Candy with a "y". Thankfully they didnt. If they had called me that I have a feeling I would have had a fascination with Playboy mags, pink mini skirts and stripper shoes .... Thanks Mom and Dad.


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