It was a long, chilly weekend here in Cape Town. What better way to spend the weekend then curled up on the couch watching some movies..heres 2 I really enjoyed -

Movie 1:
I enjoyed watching Cloverfield even though it was a bit scary at times (and i dont really like anything scary).

Cloverfield has the appearence of being shot through a camcorder and because of this it has an almost real feeling about it. Sure, we have seen this camcorder effect before in movies like "The Blair Witch Project" but unlike the Blair Witch project (which was a small budget film with a shakey camcorder effect) Cloverfield shows you alot more of what is actually going on and the film quality is much much better.

The film centers around a group of friends that are trying to get out of Manhatten after a creature begins to attack the city. As you may have expected theres lots of running around and plenty of random camera shots.

Movie 2:
Be Kind Rewind was funny, clever and thanks to Jack Black it was totally silly at times.

The film centers in and around an old video store called "Be Kind Rewind". Jerry ( Jack Black) becomes magnetized after trying to sabotage a nearby power plant and then unknowingly erases all the videos at the video store. This happens while his good friend Mike (Mos Def) is looking after the video store for his boss, Mr Fletcher (Danny Glover).

After discovering all the videos have been erased Mike and Jerry decide that they will have to remake all the movies themselves so people can still rent them. To the crazy duos surprise people love their homemade "Sweded" films and want to see more. What Mike and Jerry dont realise is that the video store is going to be demolished if Mr. Fletcher cant come up with alot of money quickly.

Its a great, original script. If you like Jack Black and enjoy quirky films you will love this :)

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