Almost time to fly

The month of August is fast approaching and this means its almost time for The Boyf and I to take our first overseas trip together (Hooray!!!). We are off to Dubai for 4 insanely hot days (minds out of the gutter people, I mean 50 degrees Celsius kind of hot)

I’m determined to have a brilliant holiday and enjoy whatever comes my way (I’m holding thumbs its not a herd of crazed camels). Theres only one thing i am already not looking forward to - the flying part of the trip.

I think there is something so unnatural and unnerving about being in a plane, cramped with a hundred other people, eating small portions of food, watching a movie on a tiny screen while being thousands of feet above the ground and travelling at a super-duper fast speed.

Sure the people in first class have it slightly better with their reclining chairs and food on pretty plates....but please who are they really kidding, we are all still on the same plane, we all still have to fly 10 hours.

I personally think airplanes should be fitted with spaceship like pods, that the airline feeds sleeping gas into it. That way you can just blissfully sleep through the whole ordeal and don’t have to listen to what anyone else is saying. (Once I heard a guy saying "Does anyone else smell smoke?" ..grrrrr....Lets just say that after that sleeping was not an option).

I've always wished i could drink more alcohol when i flew, at least then i could take the edge off the anxiety. Only thing is I always seem to fly alone so i worry about embarrassing myself, unintentionally harassing people or passing out on the stranger next to me. Thankfully The Boyf will be with me this time so finally i can knock a few drinks back and happily drool on his shoulder.

Despite having to fly, I'm positive this will be a very memorable trip. Can’t wait to get "snappy happy", check out indoor skiing, have dinner in the desert, see the amazing modern architecture and hopefully get a bit of colour on my glowing white skin.



  1. Oh I've always wanted to go to Dubai! Have a lovely holiday. You'll have to post pictures when you return!

  2. :) I will be sure to put up some pictures when i get back.

  3. Whoa, you're going to Dubai in August? It was like 110 degrees (fahrenheit) when I visited in April. You'll probably have to stay inside a lot. There's lots of shopping and restaurants though. And the indoor ski slope is fun. Of course, I don't like to ski so I just played in the snow with the little kids. If you want to have drinks at the Burj al Arab, it's really expensive and you have to book two weeks in advance. Oh, and go to the water park! hehe. Can I come too? Hope you have a blast!

  4. Yeah its going to be hot..but it will be an adventure. Im not planning on walking around outside in the middle of the day though.



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