Accidental parking space thief

The guy who works in my parking lot approached me this morning. At first i was thinking "oh no, did I forget to pay my parking again this month?" -but no, it wasnt that. He actually wanted to inform me of something else:

Parking man: Yesterday you parked in the wrong space
Me: Really? you sure?
Parking man: Yes, you parked a few spaces down and the lady was very mad. She wanted her parking place.
Me: *laughs*I didnt even notice I was in the wrong place. How weird is that?
Parking man: *looks at me with blank expression*Ok. Please try to park in your own space in future.
Me: *laughs* yes, sure. I really didnt even notice. I hope the lady just parked in my place.
Parking man: She did, but she was very unhappy about it. Said i must tell you not to park in her place again.
Me: Ok.... (note to self: Must draw huge lipstick happy face on lady's window)
Parking man: you must look at the beeeeg numbers on the parking place *getures with hand to beeeg number*
Me: *I walk around to see number on my parking place* Well, i seem to be in the right place today. Yay for me. Now, lets hope i remember what floor I work on *grins*
Parking man: Ok *he gives a little chuckle, shakes his head and walks away*
I found this whole thing very amusing, as I have been parking in the same spot for way over a year now, I pay for my parking place and I know which number mine is - and still some how i parked a few places away from my normal place.....ha ha....
....I think I may be losing it a little.
( Please note: this is a re-post)


  1. Almost the same thing happened to me a while back!! At our work you just park where you find a space, and there are TONS, seriously, TONS of parking spaces all around the building. We're not a lot of ppl working in our building.

    So... this guy who works in my department comes into my office and start, VERY rudely and aggressively, shitting me out, yelling at me, that I am NOT ALLOWED to park in his parking space!!

    I just stood there... awestruck... and started laughing at him. WTF?! After a bit of him yelling and me telling him to get over himself, the manager comes in and tells him that it's first come first serve. No parking bays are reserved for anyone.

    Some People! WOW! Hope you did the lipstick smiley face though?!

  2. Why is that people get so aggressive when it comes to their parking? Glory! I've tried the lipstick... it goes all smeary and will possibly piss her off more! Proceed with caution! :)

  3. Many years ago I dated a guy who became so pissed off that his new neighbors had the audacity to park in the space in front of his parking space (therefore he had to actually back out of his space), that I broke up with him. I mean seriously, he let this parking space thing become the bane of his existence. It was all he would talk about, for at least 2 weeks...

    Maybe he still is talking about it and being pissed...what a looser.

    Please shoot me if I ever become so upset at such a little thing.

    By the way, when you do the lipstick thing, go buy a cheap tube of a color that is not yours...

  4. Hello BB - this is just a note to ask you to let your readers know that I'm having a quirky little giveaway on my blog. Pop over!

  5. We have special parking (as post-grads we have to walk further than our students but we have to swipe a card to get in which makes us feel special) and parking sin't reserved, but some people park in the same spot every day. I like to find our where tht is and get in early and 'steal' it.

    I'm fighting the stereotype of the boring Scietist with a routine :)

  6. Parklife I tell you, gets everyone at some point.

  7. Gosh I thought I was going mad when I read that - I kept thinking - hang on I have read this before! I remember because it is one of those petty things that really irritate me. I can’t stand reserved parking bays. There should be a correct amount of spaces available and thats that!

  8. Mega8815 - very rude

    Rhiccups - I shall proceed with caution

    Mango girl - such a petty thing to get obsessed with

    Kat - I will do that

    Helen - ha ha ha!

    Ches - agreed

    DT- Wow, you have read my blog for a long time :) thanks

  9. there is something about parking that makes people go crazy! I don't have a parking problem but this one guy is such a meany and I always encounter him in the parking lot. The lanes are really narrow and are much better suited for one way traffic so when two cars come from opposite sides, there is always drama as to who has to move. and he always makes me move. he does this annoying hand gesture thingy. It's like 'My car is soooo marvelous and yours is a crappy citi golf. You are clearly not worthy of the road. so back off." Maybe I should do a lipstick face on his car!

  10. Ha ha! I started reading this and I was like, I swear I have de ja vu... then I saw your little repost message ;)

  11. Haha, that's way too funny. Some people really need to take a chill pill - it's just a friggin' car parking space and it's not like you did it on purpose.

    I definitely think you need to do the lipstick smiley face thing to that lady's car, haha.

  12. lovely blog- you're super fun. thanks for your comment.


  13. Parking seems to be a contentious issue all over!

    I have come across people who are very passionate about their parking space - VERY PASSIONATE!

  14. Ha ha, I love this story! It made me smile this afternoon. Poifect.

  15. man! some people get pms that needs medication!!!!

  16. And they know that you've been parking there for a year, always paying the bill...yet they give you a hard time about it once. And all she had to do was park a few spaces down in yours for the day? OK...maybe if it happened multiple days in a row...but one day?

    Maybe other people steal her spot as well....and you were the straw that broke that camel's back? :-)

  17. OMW. This was funny. Thanks for the laugh!


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