Study time for me

Today my boss approved the diploma course I want to do. So now at least i know my company will be funding it and i cant use lack of money as an excuse to put it off any longer. The course is going to take me at least a year and i actually have to write exams.....*GASP*

Its a correspondence course and thats fabulous, but its still rather daunting.
Ive been out of school for quite a while now, so i am struggling with the concept of studying again and having homework everyday.
I have to wonder -do i have the discipline? Will I be able to keep procrastination and A.D.D from getting in my way? Well, I guess i am going to find out.
Wish me luck :)


  1. That's so exciting. I also have to get back into studying after a two-year break. We should form an international study-group!

  2. heehee..oh tree lizard you have such great ideas.

    Thanks so much for the comments!


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