So i started my blog 3 months ago ( it seems way longer to me).

One thing people dont tell you when you start blogging is how bloody addictive it can be. Maybe when you join a blog site there should be some kind of warning label - "WARNING: blogging can be addictive, can cause anti-social behaviour and in severe cases can cause the blogger to cease doing any work".

When you start blogging you start looking at things with new eyes and find yourself constantly wondering if things are "blog worthy". Ive gotten very into my blogging and im enjoying it so much I naturally expect my loved ones to read it daily and love it as much as me (Yes, This delusion is just another side effect of blogging).
Just the other day i had a conversation with The Boyf, it went something like this:

TB: Hey honey , how was your day?
Me: I guess you didnt read my blog?
TB: No, Im sorry i didnt have time.
Me: Ok, but you should have read my blog
TB: Hun, you can always tell me what your blog said.
Me: I think you should go and read my blog now. Its not the same if i tell you
TB: Ok.......

I am finding that the blogger world is a rather strange and new place to suddenly belong to. Some days you kind of think to yourself "why am doing this?", "Will anyone read this?" and "what the hell should i write about today?"

I mean, there are literally millions of blogs online. Bloggers write about anything and everything from celebrity gossip blogs to Sci-fi geek blogs..theres nothing you can't write or read about.

You very quickly start to realise your blog is just one little piece of candy in the worlds biggest candy store. All of a sudden you feel like you are back in junior school and this is a popularity contest?? (Pick me , Pick me, !) and you seriously wonder if anyone will actually read your drunk adventures, latest tuna recipe, your thoughts on global warming or see your new homemade Battlestar Galactica outfit?

All these thoughts got me feeling a little annoyed. So, to make myself feel better i sat The boyf down and had a little chat about blogs, blogging and all things blog...He quickly pointed out that I was seriously over analysing this blogging thing and may be a bit too obsessive about it. I must admit he may be right.

After the chat i felt a little better and and realised two important things:

1. It doesnt matter if noone reads my blog
2. That I should blog about all this


- Ps: If you think you may be addicted to blogging- click here and do a quiz


  1. Haha I so know what you mean! I was pleasantly suprised to discover that people actually read my blog!

    Not many of my friends read my blog but I do occaisonally have that conversation with my housemate when he asks how my day was. Thankfully he reads it when I post!

    Enjoy the blogging

  2. Oh wow, you described it to the T. Very well expressed, I agree with warning symbols. Love the way you put things into perspective.

    Keep on blogging

  3. Yip, I am seriousy addicted too! But Love it! Even if no one ever reads it. I find it my place to express myself...

    For lack of a better South African expression...

    Viva bloging viva!


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