Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Current addictions

* Chinese sweet & sour chicken -
One night my friend Twinkle convinced me to order from Dynasty Chinese Restaurant ( i'm usually a bit apprehensive when trying a chinese restaurant for the first time). Now i can't seem to get enough of their sweet and sour chicken. Its so very very delicious.
* My bathrobe -
Its so warm, soft, fluffy and white. Its like wearing a non-sticky marshmallow. I would wear it to work if i could.
* How I met your mother -
I love, love, Loooove this show. Its legen...wait for it....dary!
*Hugs from The Boyf -
The Boyf gives the bestest hugs (Seriously, I think he would take the gold in the hugging olympics). I find myself craving them all through my day. I just could never ever hug him enough.
*My Blog -
Yup, im still highly addicted to my blog. Can't you tell :)

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  1. Sounds like some pretty great addictions!

  2. Thanks for stopping by BB...i think so too :)

  3. I have a sweater that's exactly like wearing a non-sticky marshmallow...Yum yum yum. I'm addicted to it too.

  4. Marshmallow bathrobe. Is that from Woolies?! That fluffy ridiculousness is the bomb yo. Utter heaven.

  5. Yes, its from Woolies :) Good guess.

  6. I am contemplating stealing my fiances bathrobe. it is heavenly.

  7. ss- Dont deprive your woman of the soft fluffiness...go get your own ..heehee

  8. Oh cute, I'm addicted to my blog at the mo, but that's just 'cos it new. I'm sure I'll get less-excited about posting later on. Btw, I hope you get these comments on your older posts.


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