Give a little warmth

The weather has been awful and rainy here in Cape Town. Maybe you think you have it bad because your car is parked 10 minutes away from your office or you have a leak in your roof at home.....

Now give a thought to those people who dont even have proper homes, warm clothes and who are literally left out in the cold during winter.

A few things you can do to help?

I looked online and discovered that The Dis-Chem Foundation (with the help of 5FM and 3Talk) are again helping people to give the gift of warmth to people in need. The Dis-Chem Foundation is doing their annual collection of warm things (blankets, hot water bottles, herseys etc..). Dump bins will be placed in all Dis-Chem stores nationally for you to drop your winter woolies and leave a bit of warm cheer May 25th until the end of July 2008. Every week the Dis-Chem Foundation will collect, sort and distribute all items to charities throughout South Africa.

Just click here to find your nearest Dis-chem store

You can donate a blanket, a tin of food or whatever you can spare to Good Hope FM Keep Cape Town Warm campaign. Click here for more info.

One Love Street peoples project is a non-profit organisation which was formed to address the needs to street children and homeless adults living in Cape Town City Centre. They began as a feeding project but have evolved in assisting not only street children but the greater street community.

The One Love building is used as a drop-off centre where people may donate blankets, clothing and dry goods e.g. rice, lentils etc.

Visit them here to see where they are located and find out other ways you can help.

Note: There are alot of organisations in Cape Town I havent mentioned. Most can be found on the internet.

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