Thursday, 24 July 2008

Wild Thaaang Thursday

Yesterday - I didnt post anything (anyone notice?). I thought i'd go through withdrawels if i didnt blog for one whole day , but apparently not. I didnt really have any reason for not blogging, I actually just didnt feel like it. I think this is progress in taking control back from the blog addiction.

Right now- I am sitting at my desk with a half eaten packet of Oreos and a few sips of coffee left in my mug. Today I feel I have the right to commit some "food sins" as i already went to gym twice this week and both times were in the morning (applause please).

Dinner disaster -Last night i had my heart set on chicken stir-fry with some wonderful cambodian -pineapple- lemon grass sauce BUT instead I ended up making "Chicken Mate" for dinner. I was highly unimpressed with the grocery shop for not having any stir fry mix and making me buy "Chicken Mate" out of desperation ( Ok fine, i didnt have to buy it, but i was feeling sorry for myself and i had chicken already). The Chicken mate was not too bad. Though it would have been better if i had washed it down with a bottle of wine.

Random comment - Today a girl walked past my desk and jokingly called me "Wild Thaang"....I think she may have been referring to the ultra bodied, wavy hair look (maybe i should have brushed it). Well, it could be worse, she could have called me "cave woman" or "bush girl". At least "Wild Thaang" sounds fiesty and kind of dangerous...heeheee

Bye -Have a fabulous Thursday, stunning blog readers...friday is thankfully almost here

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  1. least she made your day...

  2. heehee...i dont know abou that but she did make it into my blog :)


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