Highs and Lows - Dubai

Some of the highs and lows of my trip to Dubai:

Highs -
*Going across the Dubai Creek in a "Abra" (This is what the locals call the tiny boats that ferry you across -see picture above)
* Shopping at the Souks (AKA bazaars or markets)
* Learning that i am very good at haggling over prices. You may call me "The Negotiator"
* Actually handling the insane humidity. I am so much more hardcore than i thought ;-)
* Having hundreds of movies to choose from on the Emirates flights. Such a great airline.
* Finding the best swimsuit and buying it. Its a tiny weeny yellow polka dot bikini.I kid you not.
* The spacious apartment we got to stay in for the first three nights.
* Smoking a mint & grape Sheesha (AKA Hubbly bubbly) at a gorgeous Arabic restaurant.
* Desert dune bashing in a 4 x 4. whoohooo...no dune was big enough.
* Getting a Henna tattoo during the desert dinner - I want to paint my body with Henna more often.
* Sharing all the new sights, sounds and experiences with The Boyf. He was a great travel companion.
Lows -
* The very small hotel room we got for the last 2 nights and if the size wasnt bad enough, it looked out on a graveyard. Weird.
* Being sweaty and red faced 90% of the time. Its not my best look.
* Eating "Marry Brown" (not a spelling mistake) fast food. Dont do it...ever! yuck.
* Realising I will never have a really good hair day in the crazy humid heat.
* Not being able to get close enough to the Burj Al Arab (the worlds only 7 star hotel)
* The organised city tour. Tour groups freak me out.
* Flying. Why couldnt I just be beamed to other countries. Scotty? Why?
* The shopping malls - a mall is a mall....I found the malls very boring and the shops much too expensive.
* Not being able to buy everything awesome I saw :) If I were a rich man..dee deee dee dee.
* Only having 4 full days in Dubai. I definitely wanted a few more days.
* Sore feet. Hours of walking didnt make my feet happy.

All in all it was a really good trip with plenty of great memories and lots more highs than lows. I would like to go back to Dubai one day to see some more things.


  1. la! sounds as if you had tons of fun;) the highs are always better than the lows:)

    Glad you're back tho...we missed you!!!!

  2. heehee..thanks Ruby.

    There were far more highs than lows. It really was tons of fun.

  3. Sounds like an amazing holiday!

  4. cmrobinson - Thanks, very cute kitty :)

  5. Wow what a great trip! I've always had a fascination with Dubai, it sounds very surreal. Welcome back!

  6. Sounds like a good trip, looking forward to seeing more photos!


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