Random fashion fun

Hey, ladies (guys, you probably wont be interested in this)....

I found this awesome site called Polyvore (warning: its addictive). I first heard of it on Miss Jane's blog.

**How to use Polyvore: Go onto it, register yourself and then make your own fashion (or decor) sets. super fun! (well, i thought so)

Ok, so if you keen (or bored) here is what I would like you to do:
Number 1: Go to Polyvore and make a fashion set that best reflects your personality (SEE MINE ABOVE).
Number 2: Comment on this post with the link to wherever your set is (either your Polyvore page or your blog) so I can go look at it.

So easy. Go make a set now...


  1. Oh I love your outfit! Isn't Polyvore ridiculously addicting!?

  2. They need a site like this for guys, where you can pick your pickup, your rifle, you dog, your favorite cooler/beer and your best baseball cap.....Yeee Haaaa.

  3. SC - Thanks. Yup, its totally addictive. I blame you for this new found addiction..ha ha ha

    Lotus - Very funny idea ;-)

  4. I did mine! So much fun!! Yay, thanks for the idea... check mine out! :)



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