The reasons

I found Kat's response to my previous post very good. She asked the question: Why do you blog?

Heres a few reasons.
I blog.....
.... because it is a great outlet for my ramblings and thoughts (and I cant afford a shrink to talk to)
.... to stay sane (read previous reason) keep me in the habit of writing and help me develop my writing skills (i will write a novel one day, no really, i will)
....because I enjoy reading other peoples comments on my writing (Its nice to know other people care or at least are mildly amused by my posts)
Why do you blog?


  1. Ditto the shrink reason : )

  2. My blog is very personal but only 5 people I know, know about my blog and that was because I made the decision to tell them about it.

    Writing has been the one staple throughout my life. It has been the one outlet to keep me sane and to help me make sense of the haze in my head. And this was before I even decided to enter the media.

    I blog about alot of things on my mind, ranging from my annoying boss to what I want from life or my funny experiences. I don't aim to be just one thing with my blog. More than anything it is very raw - raw emotion and sometimes just raw writing because it is an outlet. Where it will lead I don't know, will I shut it down some time soon? Probably.

  3. I have recently also blogged about this subject...

  4. Hmmm... because I like to? Because it's good therapy (and procrastination). Because I can't imagine not blogging.


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