Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Truth or revenge?

It seems like South African woman now have a website where they can name and shame their loser, lying and cheating ex's

The website is called "Dont date him". Its a fairly new site and seems to be catching on really quickly.

Personally, I am NOT in favour of sites like this. I dont think its right to insult, humiliate and spread bad stories about anyone (even your evil ex) online for the world to read.

While some of the men listed on the website may very well be pigs and cheaters (and probably deserve to be treated this way) I am sure a few men are only listed because the last lady they dated is highly upset and wants some revenge.

So whats true and whats made up? Who really knows but the two people involved.

Would really like to hear what you think about sites like this.

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  1. I think it's terrible, woman's interpretation could be another mans story, and visa versa.

    It's like

  2. I think it is strange, very strange.

    I've dated some rotters but I would never tell someone not to date him - perhaps he and I were not the right mix but he might be the right mix with someone else.

  3. Ag shame - seems like the majority of the cheating monsters are sad middle aged men that still live with their mothers! Hell hath no fury like a women scorned. I think it is a bad idea!

  4. Yeah, I don't like it either, would like to retain some speck of privacy and discretion in life, as boldly benny says, just because you thought a guy was an asshole does not mean another woman will think he is great.

  5. sites like those tend to be very fly-by-night. I'm sure it will be the big water-cooler topic for a few months, then you wont hear about it again as the next 'novelty' site rumbles along..

  6. yeah, too many pyschos could post a guy's name for little reason. not fair.

  7. Some ho put me on a list in college.

    It was a poster of me...It said..."Needle D*ck"

  8. Well, looks like we all agree...sites like this are a bad idea, and as Slyde said the novelty of it probably wont last long.

    Moe - really? that sucks

  9. I think it's cruel - so the thing ended badly - get over it!

  10. I think it's interesting ... But has so much potential for misuse (as someone actually raised on the site too!).


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