How to act crazy -part 1: the imaginary pet

It doesnt look like i am going to get a real dwarf bunny anytime soon, so i decided that I shall just get an imaginary dwarf bunny until i get a "real life" replacement.

Soooo, dear blog readers Id like to introduce you to my imaginary pet "Coco" (full name scrappy coco - thanks, Adam Sandler for the inspiration). He is small, light caramel brown and currently only lives in my head. He like to eat sponge cake and drink carrot juice. He likes to wear little stripey sweaters and sleep in hats. With Coco around I truly can "Blame it on the bunny"

You can have your own imaginary pet today, at no cost to you and with absolutely no committment to it. You can imagine it or forget all about it whenever you like. Sooo simple. and the best part is no cleaning up critter poop or feeding it (unless you are seriously delusional)

If you decide an imaginary pet is for you dont think of yourself as crazy, rather think of yourself as "reality challenged" ( now doesnt that sound better)

Important notes: If you actually start to see your imaginary pet, follow below instructions:
* Put down the bottle - you have had way too much already
* If there is no alcohol or medication in your bloodtreeam at the time of the "sighting" - please consider seeking psychiatric help


  1. Oh Scrappy Coco is beautiful! And I just love the name! I'm desperate for a pet but inner-city living won't allow it!

  2. I like this idea. I want an imaginary pet iguana. I shall call him Izzy and he shall live on my desk. And I shall talk to him, rather than my computer, and freak my colleagues out even further.

  3. BB - Thanks i love the name scrappy Coco. Cant wait to name my next pet that...probably will be a

    Tamara - Izzy the iguana - awesome. I'll send my imaginary pet to play with your imaginary pet once in a while...heehee

  4. hehe love your bunny :)

    i want a horse and i'll call him Ben, i've always liked the name Ben. excuse me, i need to gallop in those lovely fields over yonder now...

  5. Sweets - *giggles* thanks. Ben is such a nice proper name for a horse.

  6. Oh my God - That means Foofoo wasn't real!??! I just imagined her this whole time!?!

    *puts down bottle*

  7. oh that thing is too cute. I want a pet so badly but we are not allowed one in our flat, I think I should get a virtual one too. Since it's virtual it could be something like an elephant, right?

  8. Ches - ha ha ha ha ha ....Alcohol is often a dream killer, isnt it :)

    Po - yup, you can have any imaginary pet you want.

  9. aww, such a cute darling bunny ... and the plus side is yours will never grow :) she reminds me of Henna when we first got her

  10. I had an imaginary mouse when I was 5. His name was Ralph. I thought he lived in a little hole in a ceiling tile in our living room and I'd talk to him... I was a very imaginative child. lol.

  11. Phillygirl - Your bunny is adorable.

    Mrs D - that is such a cute childhood story.

  12. I am feeling so normal right now..

    Nice bunny ;-)


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