Monday, 15 September 2008

My evil twin

So, today I had this brief conversation with a friend online:

Bubbles: I saw someone that looked just like you, driving a car just like yours.
Me: Hmmm, I havent left my desk today ( i think). Tell me was she driving like a drunk and laughing hysterically? Because then It may have been my evil twin.
Bubbles: *Lol*

This little joke conversation got me thinking. You see this isn't the first time someone has said that they saw someone that looked just like me .......So my new theory is - i have an evil twin.

This theory may actually explain a few things from my past. Example: one time i "allegedly" made out with an ugly guy back in high School and i didnt remember it at all but everyone said they saw me ... But now i realise it wasnt me, it was my evil twin.

To think my friends thought I had forgotten because of all the booze that night....yeah, right- like that ever happens...*grins*

Dear Evil twin - If you are reading this Id like to ask you to stop doing stupid stuff and making me look like a loser. Couldnt you rather write a prize winning novel, get really famous or invent something awesome. Then at least you will be useful to me. Thanks.

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  1. I think you should pull a fast one on the evil twin by doing the bad stuff first, so it will be her who has to make excuses for you!

  2. Po - ha ha h - i like the way your thinking

  3. If the evil twin did as you asked, wouldn't it make them the good twin and in effect YOU would become the evil twin?

  4. Oh I have an evil twin, she does all the bad girl stuff that I don't want to take credit for!

  5. Miss caught up - :)

    Lotus - i feel confused.

    Mrs D - Most people have one ;-)

  6. Hey....Can I buy you a drink(s)?

  7. Evil twin - Apparently someone went to the middle east and saw someone that resembles me.. But between me and him i doubt he is deemed evil.. :P

    *u have been tagged*

  8. hmmmm...i think i may also have one of those

  9. I meant linked not tagged..
    Sorry for that

  10. hmmmm this poor twin is going to so much trouble, you really should appreciate her more... ;)~

  11. sweets - maybe you are right, maybe i am being too hard on my twin. LOL

  12. Man that picture is cute! If my evil twin was only that cute...


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