Thursday, 4 September 2008

Pretty hair, the ugly "D" word and alien news

Im feeling really good today, This could be because caffeine is running through my body right now and the sun is actually shining outside or maybe its the the fact that i am getting off work early to go to the hairdresser (yippeee). I think all you gals out there can agree that there is nothing like beautiful, just-out-of-the-salon hair to make you feel awesome.

Some serious thoughts: My parents are getting divorced. This is NOT shocking news for me, as they have been seperated for about 4 years already. Sadly, it still sucks that I know they will not be getting back together (I had unrealistic hopes).
Dysfunctional families and "broken" homes are totally normal today - sad, but true. Its rare (even seen as abnormal) to find couples that even last 10+ years today. I actually feel a tinge of jealousy for people who have a solid, traditional family. The Boyfs parents are awesome and inspiring. They have been together for decades and seem to still be very much inlove (ahhhh...too sweet). I want that one day -- the kind of love that grows but never gets old.
Some people say its crazy to even believe in the institution of marriage anymore - I say "gggrrrr" to those people. While I realise divorce is sometimes the only way out of an ugly, unhappy marriage, I still think its crazy (and a bit sad) that people find divorce so "normal" and ok now.

In random, weird news: A Florida man vacationing at Lake Tahoe claims he caught a tiny, elf-like figure dubbed the "leprechaun-alien" on film as the creature was fleeing a forest....
Seriously, people - this is real news!! Its not just on the pages of the crazy mags and the weirdo, gossip blogs. The above comes from Fox News. Do you think it could be true? I highly doubt it. I liked this story though, it seems so silly and made me giggle for a good few minutes.
To read the whole story click here

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  1. Dude...hows that alien? Bit skeptical funny people come out of Tahoe!

  2. Always good to have a bit of Fantasy in the news - some light heartedness to go with the sunshine ;-)

    I am sorry about your parents, that cant be easy to deal with, regardless of the situation!

  3. oh hn...I'm sorry to hear about the parentals:( Divorce is never pretty, regardless of the age. I'm very blessed in that department. My folks have been married for over 30 years and they are still so in love I swear it's embaressing to be around them sometimes!!! But secretly it makes me smile:) I hope and pray that one day I'll be as loved, in love and happy as them, but I know in my heart that if the future hubby and I loved each other half as much as they love each other we'll be just fine:)

  4. Ches - Yup, apparently Lake Tahoe has a few crazy peeps - though this guy was from Florida?

    DT - I agree and thank you :)

  5. Ruby - Thnaks hun. You are very lucky :) Your parents sound adorable.

  6. that is so weird... poor little alien! alien phone home??


    so sorry about your parentals... that sucks, doesn't matter how ord where or when :( i also still believe in marriage, my folks have been married for almost 50 years now, it's truly amazing... but even if i get married TODAY i won't make my 50th... how sad is that!!!

  7. sweets - heehee..ET phone home...

    *sigh* I guess all we can do is love the best we can in the time we have :)

  8. Hey BB, so sorry to hear about your parents. My parents are very happily married (40 years) and I use them as a benchmark, I hope to have that one day but the very idea of marriage terrifies me!

    How crazy is that little alien! Hmm, my guess is that it was a midget that got caught filming an 'out in the wild' porno! Ha ha!

  9. BB - I hope i have that too one day.

    HA HA HA - so funny you should say that. I was definitely thinking it was possibly a midget too :)

  10. Was referring to the alien! Ha ha ;)

  11. Ches - oh...ha ha ha...I see. Makes more sense now.

  12. As long as the aliens don't come & find me I don't mind what gets put in the news...eish!

    As for divorce, I'm sorry about your circumstances with your folks & you're right...people don't care about the sanctity of marriage & how committed such an act should's pretty shameful in actual fact! My folks have been married for 36 years...there was a very rough patch a while back but I'm glad to say they're doing alright now :) We are, by far, not traditional though...I think I'd be pissed off if we were like that!

    Chin up...enjoy your hair being really is the fishizzle & I'm most jealous!

  13. So sorry to hear about your folks. Mine got divorced when I was 3, so I don't really remember the divorce, but I was lucky in that they've remained civil and even friendly for my sake. It was the best thing for them and I can see that. And yet my husband's folks are happily married for over 35 years. No one ever wants to get divorced, it sux, but can be a blessing sometimes.
    Pssss: I also got my hair done today! Wanna hear how yours came out. Nothing better than a professional blow-wave!

  14. I hear you. My parents divorced when I was 19. It sucked. Though... in an odd twist have been back together for the past year and are officially bf and gf now. I am also divorced - as my first husband was indeed one of the most vile creatures on earth and oddly capable of twisted acts of cruelty... so now - now I prepare to wed the man of my dreams. I'm happier than I ever could have imagined. So THIS is what it feels like to get married when it is right! Huzzah! No more divorce for me. This is for keeps.

  15. I am an American, and let me tell you, there are lots of weirdos in Florida, so it's hard to tell what the alien was all about. lol.. I like your blog- what an exciting life you have! Dubai, wow. I'll be back to check you out. :-)

  16. Candy Grrrl - My family is not traditional at all and i really dont mind it that way either. Sometimes i just would like the mom and dad in the same house, but sometimes it doesnt work out that way. Thanks, I will enjoy my hair being done.

    Kitty - My hair came out fabulous -and it smells so pretty.

    Elizabeth - Your parents are dating - thats too cute. Congrats on meeting the man of your dreams. So wonderful for you.

    Mrs D - heehee.. Truth is I wish my life was more exciting all the time. The Dubai trip was a bit of serious luck ;)Thanks for stopping by.

  17. BB - so sorry to hear that :(
    but so glad you are choosing to not let it ruin your high view of marriage. That's inspiring!

  18. Hey there, sorry to hear about your parents. Unfortunately I must admit that I'm one of those people you'd GRRRRR at. I've seen, and experienced, enough bad relationship problems (not to mention the 50-60% divorce rate....) to feel marriage isn't what it should be to people anymore. I've given up thinking I will get married. I feel the same way you do though, people quit on it, and it's very sad. :/


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