Tuesday, 30 September 2008

weight a minute

Last night i went to the gym (yes, you read that right). I have really been neglecting exercise the past month. Its not that i hate exercise, its just that i have a serious lack of enthusiasm for it. Thankfully, i have to go to gym twice a month to keep my gym membership or I might never set foot in a gym.

Im going to start going to gym more - Ok, I always say this - but this time I am going to try.

I got a rather amusing surprise last night when i went to the gym computer to check my weight, blood pressure etc...etc.....

I didnt really want to weigh myself because i was worried I might have gained a bit of weight lately (and noone likes that). I very reluctently stepped onto the scale *eyes closed, deep breath*, I gave the scale a moment and then I looked down, I was shocked to see that it said I weight 37 Kilograms (to all you Americans - that is way TOO little). I laughed so hard i almost shed a tear or two. The gym scale was obviously faulty, but it was so funny. I usually weigh about 15 - 17 Kilograms more than that and even as a teenager i probably didnt weigh that little.

I like to think the scale was just trying to tell me not to take things like this so seriously.

After that I did 15 minutes of cardio and then went home to eat a big roast chicken dinner. I got to say, losing all that weight in a matter of minutes gave me quite an appetite... heehee :)

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  1. Damn, now if only that scale had been correct hey? (Although, actually, then you'd look like a lollipop, so maybe not!)
    Loved that post, and what a great title!!!

  2. I think everyone should weigh themselves on a broken scale at least once a month, just for a morale boost.

  3. Ha ha, I can just imagine cringing and then opening your eyes only to see the scale is justifying an extra helping of dessert - hee hee!

  4. haha! i need one of those in my gym! i've recently refound my passion for gym! especially the sauna afterwards, and coz at the gym i go to, they give u a towel when u arrive, and there is fruit in the chill out area :)

  5. Kitty - yup, i would have looked like a lollipop for sure..

    Lopz - agreed

    BB - HA HA HA, so true

    Mylifescape - your gym sounds nice.

  6. As a guy, I don't have much to offer with regard to weighing....sorry BB.

  7. I want that scale. Although I think all scales are broken, just they tell you you are heavier than you really are. At least that is what I tell myself...

  8. Yeah, I have no idea how much a kg is. But it sounds little. :-)

  9. My parents had this scale that was really wonky and had a range of about 5kg, so in the space of 2min you could lose or pick up a couple of kilograms. Perhaps that's one of the (many) reasons why I refuse to have a scale in my house. I haven't weighed myself in years!

  10. Quick - eat something in order to weigh more! ;-)

    After all, keeping an eye on your weight is far too exhausting and can help you work up quite an appetite.

    Leave the scales on the rubbish tip and be guided by how tight or loose your clothes are instead... or by how great you feel!

  11. I need to get on that scale just for a boost of confidence :) Even if I know it's wrong :)

  12. I have the opposite problem.....I hit 86 kilos the other day

    Since you ladies have never seen me, I want you to think of me as "big boned"

  13. The gym may have broken the scale on purpose to make folks feel better about paying their membership dues.

  14. that's it. I am going to the Y RIGHT NOW. I'M NOT KIDDING.

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