Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Colour me happy

I dressed a bit different than i usually would for work today - I tried to be more colourful and a bit more "dressy".

I wore a yellow & orange printed silk shirt dress over dark blue jeans with seriously high tan wedge heels.

My co-workers reactions were funny - I got asked about 20 times "whats the occasion?" and a few times "Are you going for a job interview?"

SO, today i learnt 4 things:
* I feel happier when i wear bright colours and dresses
* People are suspicious
* Very high wedge heels are not very comfy by the end of the day
* Yellow is definitely my colour - or so i was told a few times today

In other random news: Last night The Boyf took me out for an absolutely wonderful surprise sushi dinner - at Wakame in Mouille Point. The weather was stunning, my cocktail was refreshing, i had a great ocean view and I ate delicious sushi until I couldn't anymore. Blissful.


  1. That sushi sounded amazing, am jealous.

    I like bright colours too, but that doesn't mean that they like me!

  2. Mmmmm, a refreshing cocktail and delicious sushi. I'm so jealous!

  3. Sounds like a great night out! Lucky!

  4. sounds like a very cute outfit! I love wedges and bright colors :) I am jealous you can wear jeans to work! :)

  5. LoL.. U should work at MTN then.. The yellow will go with the company image..

    Sushi bah humbug..

    I wouldnt touch that

  6. I wish the women in my office would dress like that, I wish someone would take me out for sushi, I wish for a lot of things.....my life is boring these days.

  7. maybe i should follow and wear my most outrageous outfit. i definitely have a few in my closet that i haven't even worn.

    maybe that's what i need. something new and out of character for each day.

  8. Whenever I wake up and feel a bit blah, I decide to dress myself happy - glad it worked for you and that you got compliments. Whenever I dress up for work people ask me if I have a date!
    As for Wakame - I'm envious! Glad you could take advantage of beautiful weather - a warm summer evenings in CT are my best!

  9. people are suspicious... so true! i can't remember when last i dressed it up a bit... i really should make an effort *sigh*


  10. i'm the only one in my office that dresses "up" or even wears make up! And that for joburg! Seriously! People always joke with me... oh u wearing your jacket again... hmmm.. lol, i just feel more productive and happy if i look good.

    PS: I also keep flat shoes in my bag, for if i must run to the mall... that way my feet don't die in killer heels :) i put them on in the lift, no one from work will ever know! whahaha

  11. Po - sushi was yummy. Im sure you can find one bright colour that suits you.

    Sass - Heehee...you should go out and treat yourself to a cocktail and some sushi tonight.

    Mrs D- it was so nice ;)

    Lyndsau - I also love wedges too and I am starting to only buy brighter colours - time to give black a rest. Well generally we can only wear jeans on Fridays, but i thought because i had a dress over it was ok.

    Killa - ha ha ha. HAve you tried Sushi before?

    Bruce - I'll take you out for sushi if you ever come to South Africa.

    The cave painter - you should definitely pull out one of those outfit and wear it out . See what reactions you get.

    BB- Yes, it definitely helped my mood to be dressed more colourful and more smart :)

    Sweets - you should make an effort (it feels good sometimes) , even if its just once or twice a week.

    Mylifescape - good shoe advice. I used to do that in London. No fun to try get on a tube in high heels.

  12. Okay, so I'm late with a comment, but funny enough, when I dress up a bit, everyone also asks me where I'm off to.

  13. I'm jealous of the sushi:(

    Sometimes i wish i could dress down a little for work...wearing power suits and "highly profesional" clothing everyday while aiming to look sassy and sexy can get tiring! sometimes i wish i could just don a fancy top, a pair of jeans and my stillettos, i'd be in heaven!

  14. BB - I'm with Bruce on this one...sounds like the weather in CPT is making everyone do strange things!

  15. Urgh Wakame... Drool... And I also love brights! Especially yellow. In fact, I believe I'm the girl with the least amount of black in her closet? The last two times I saw my future mother-in-law (yes, it's still on, no nasty surprises to come!) I'd made an effort to be more adventurous in dressing.
    She said i looked "interesting" and "different"... ha ha. I believe she meant it as a compliment! x

  16. I LOVE sushi. I also like to dress up, but when you are painting and glueing and glitterizing all day, you cannot wear heels.

  17. Dressing up is fun. I'm so glad I'm a girl. I'd hate to give up make-up, heels and cute outfits!


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