Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Miss Snowflake needs a tan

The weather is heating up here in Cape Town (finally!!!). Today i wore a dark denim, short, pencil skirt and high wedges. I love the outfit, but I am not loving my lack of tan. My legs are super, snowflake, ice-queen, polar bear white ( i may be exaggerating a teeny weeny bit).

For years i have avoided the sun and opted to keep my skin white but this year i definitely want some colour for a change.
In the past i have tried and thought about getting some "sunless" colour -
*I tried to put fake tan lotion on my skin before and it was awful. I turned orange, blotchy and streaky in no time. It looked like i had some kind of tropical disease. It took my ages to exfoliate the orange off.
*I also tried those tablets that are suppose to help you body to gradually tan. They didnt work at all (but i did start getting a slight orange tinge to my eyes - freaky).
*I thought about going for a professional spray tan, but after hearing your chances of going orange are still quite high I gave up on that idea too.

So... i am just going to have put on some SPF 30 sunblock and hit the beach as often as I can and hope for the best :)

PS - I bought a bikini (in Dubai) that looks almost like the one in the picture but mine is Yellow polka dots on a white bikini. Its made by Salinas. At least my skin is not quite as white as the mannequins colour.

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  1. lol, i am sure you are not that white! :P hehe. btw spray tan doesnt make you yellow at all unless you abuse it! ;) i will give you a shout when i get back cause my sister has a spray tan business and its much healthier than the sun!! :) xx

  2. I candy - heehee..Im pretty white. Have you had spray tan before? You should give me a call when you back *hugs* :)

  3. The best of all the fake tans is the Caribbean spray tan. Funny, I also tried those pills, and for me, they did start to work, but the thing is, they pigmented everything, so where my skin folded, like my laugh grooves from my cheeks to my mouth, looked all weird and dark. Like I had a beard or something. Not good. Sun is the only way that looks natural, sadly.

  4. I'm rather lucky as I have an olive skin tone but I think I really need some colour. I've stayed out of the sun by choice for the past three years.
    I love the nivea spray self tan but it's a huge mission applying self tan! I did the SO-DU spray tan and it came out beautifully - very subtle but a definite glow. I actually then wrote a beauty article for a mag about spray tans and I got all kinds of tips - if you ever want the info I could forward it to you.

    Otherwise, good luck with the sun!

  5. kitty - yup, sun is the most natural looking way to go

    BB - Thanks. you have olive skin - you are so lucky :)

  6. They sell bikinis in Dubai? Hmm.... And I think the stark bright white look will be in vogue thanks to the Twilight book and series, so maybe you should just stay fair. lol. I gave up on tanning 5 years ago. I am FREAKED out about skin cancer and wrinkles. But a nice bronze tan is wonderful......

  7. enjoy!!!

    J&J has a product that works wonders, try it!

  8. Hit the beach...it's the only place to tan.

  9. Orange eyes? freaky! Can you imagine what I look like after living in the UK? Vaguely see through like a gecko!

  10. why not try those moisterisers with a little self-tan in them. It is a just a slow gradual build up of colour

  11. We're just ending the summer here, about a month into fall. So I'm battening down the hatches and getting set to hibernate. Look for me in the spring, hairy, fat and grumpy!

  12. Oh, and congrats! Your blog is featured by Blogger today!

  13. wait, wait, wait! I'll be right over!!!!!

  14. Mrs D - Yes, they do - Dubai is very hot and has nice beaches - so it makes sense. Even though the Arabs are not big fans of showing too much skin. I always look a bit "vampire like" - cause i have dark hair and white skin - im juts a bit bored of it a the moment.

    Sweets - will have to check out the J&J products

    Ches - agreed - but I will never step out without a high sunblock :)

    Po - ha ha ha h...gecko

    Miss T - they also make me a little orange. Maybe im too white - maybe i first need a tiny bit of colour and then i can use one of those

    Shania - heeehhee...enjoy hibernation. What do you mean featured on blogger????? Am i famous??

    Vodka mom - I'll be waiting ;)

  15. I have the same problem, but I can add fat to the mix too! I have used the body lotion with a touch of self-tan and it worked quite well, just had a slightly funky smell, so I only used it at night. A genuine tan still looks the best though...puty about the skin cancer....

  16. My legs are so white they're practically translucent. My whole family makes fun of how pale I am. I can't wait til I have NO wrinkles when I'm old...who's laughing now?? ;)

  17. la! no worries, i'm pretty white too considering that i have a bit of a naturally dark skin...or i'm supposed to have one....but i haven't been in the sun in ages.....I'll have to make a plan before the cruise!

  18. Just say "NO" to skin cancer! There's nothing wrong with being the color you naturally are!

    P.S. The pills that are supposed to make you tan contain excessive amounts of vitamin A--turning orange from taking them is the result of Vitamin A toxicity! Not good!


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