Monday, 20 October 2008

quick weekend notes

Saturday..was good. The weather was so stunning that I could not resisit the urge to lie on the balcony like a lizard for most of the morning. Our beach plans didn't work out because we had to pick up my mother and "Bob the brit" somewhere. To thank us they took us out for a fabulous lunch. I had a few glasses of wine, a tempura prawn starter, Sirloin steak with mushroom cheese sauce and a chocolate dessert. ( mmmmm...all of a sudden I feel so hungry).

Fitness update -if you interested: I did an awesome job actually running this weekend. We ran Saturday and sunday morning (round of applause please). On Sunday afternoon Twinkle called and asked me to go for a walk with her. I went and we had a nice brisk 1 hour walk. My mood is definitely getting better due to all the exercise.

Yesterday... The Boyf and I went to the Natural and Organic Expo. It was nice to see how many people are interested in that sort of stuff these days, BUT it was packed. I was a bit dissapointed with the expo as It was quite hard to walk around, I didnt get to sample hardly any of the things there, people kept knocking into me and I am not a fan of strangers invading my "space bubble".
I thought at least i could get tipsy on free alcohol but alot of people had that idea which made it almost impossible to reach the organic wine tables. I eventually managed to get half a glass of organic champagne ..yummy but much too little.

Hope you all survive monday.....just try think happy thoughts....


  1. Sounds like a nice weekend. You will enjoy Twilight. I loved it. I am in the 3rd chapter of New Moon now (2nd book) and liking it so far.

  2. I'm happy not to think at all ;)

    Sounds like you had a good weekend BB.

  3. I agree with ches, no thinking. That organic expo sounds interesting, pity about the overcrowding!

  4. Have I told you how much I love your blog? I've been catching up this morning and realised that I really missed not being able to read you for two days last week.

  5. ORGANIC WINE? I went to the wrong organics expo in JHB, there was no wine. Only strange tasting food.

    Sounds like a fab weekend.

  6. Mrs D - I hope so - I cant wait to start reading it. I should have it in my hands by Friday :)

    Ches - heehee...thanks, i did

    Po - Yes, it was horrible. Sardines in a can i tell ya

    Tamar - thats one of the nicest comments i have ever gotten. Thank you. *big hug*

  7. BB - yes - WINE...yum yum. I like oraganic wine and champagne...


  8. You had me at tempura prawns. ;)

    Great job on the running. I'm back to the gym today. Hoping for a little natural mood elevation!

  9. The best part about doing so much exercise is that you get to eat guilt-free...well, almost! Especially if you're running so much!

  10. It just got cold here and I didn't come out of my cave all weekend! You've almost got me motivated enough to go for a walk this afternoon though.

  11. sounds like a lovely weekend. I am not much of a working out type girl myself and your running and feeling better is inspiring.

    So tonight I'm going to go to a total body fitness class at this new place that opened across from my work. The gal who opened it loves us at Starbucks and we get free classes!

    Also- It'd be nice if there was a good medium between thinking and not thinking. It seems so easy to over-think at times. But mindlessness gets us nowhere...

    longest comment ever. ha!


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