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I just want to start by saying - Obama made a great speech. It totally choked me up and made me want to be an American ( just for a second, anyway).

This Morning I went to the gym. It was good. The more i go the easier i find it to get up so early. I think its true when people say "it takes two weeks to form a habit".

The Boyf told me that at our gym there is this thing called the "Tan Can" and that i should maybe use it to get some colour on my legs. Im still a bit unsure about it. anyone used one before?

I finally picked up my copy of "New Moon" by Stephenie Meyer. I had to order it. Just my luck that none of the bookshops near me had any. I started reading it last night and I must say its pretty good so far.

I also saw the trailer for The movie "Twilight" on the internet this week - after reading the book I cant wait to see how the film compares ( i am guessing it will not be as good).

Today I read through quite alot of peoples blogs and found a common theme. Alot of people seem to be making, going through or wanting a change. A guess change is in the air.

I have changed quite alot in the last couple of months. Though, only this month have I felt and seen the change in me. Im liking it. No, actually i am loving it. I feel the person I want to be and the person I am right now are getting closer to being one person (if that makes sense).

In my opinion We all just need to cast off our issues, turn our backs to the already gone and fully live in the present.

* Hope you all have a chilled out Thursday.


  1. A "tan can?" Is that like a Fake 'N Bake? If so, I've used one. They're not really that bad, you just have to be really careful with them. The only thing I don't like is feeling so "hot" after using one, but it keeps up your color well! Just do not use one if you're prone to burning. No no no!! :) Have a lovely Thursday, BB!

  2. Still busy with Twilight, but I am addicted already, hopefully I will finish it before the end of this weekend...cannot wait for the movie and the next book.

    Need to get gym as well...mmmm, maybe Monday, but you've got me motivated.

  3. What a great post. I have been for a spray tan - they're great and much safer than a sunbed or any such thing. But, I'm super paranoid about pigmentation and premature aging so I stay away from concentrated UV!

  4. Miss heather - hmm....the tan can thing still freaks me a bit. Im very very white right now, so maybe i need some colour first.

    Hayley - Loved the first one. Cant wait to read all the rest. They are addictive. happy reading!

    BB - I am considering a spray tan. seems like the safest way. Whats the best spray tan to go for??

  5. The tan can is an upright sunbed. They work well, but it's a hectic blast of UV rays to your skin, so I tend to steer clear of them. Spray tan (if doen properly) is awesome. You can buy your own can from Clicks now and do it at home. My colleague uses the stuff and she always looks brown and beachy.

  6. I love Tamara's description: "Brown and Beachy" - isn't that fab!
    I did the Sodu tan and it was very subtle. It's good for fair-skinned people.
    Otherwise, if you want to do a home job the Tropitone Spray Tan is brilliant - since it is liquid you don't have to worry about streaking!

  7. i got all chocked up too...for my bro and the sis-in-law's sake, as she's an american and they live there...and then i wished we ahd a new president that passionate and ready.

    Hear hear on your opinion of everybody!

  8. I think you were the only person who read the full decade meme. I deleted it and reposted! LOL

    Change is in the air, something to do with 2009 around the corner perhaps?

    Tan need to be careful with how often you use them etc...Boldly Benny is right about condensed rays, but with that said, I use it every now and then!

  9. I am looking forward to the movie, but books are ALWAYS better, so I am keeping that in mind. New Moon is pretty good, I just finished it this week. I wish I had the next one, but I will have to wait a week or so to get it. I just love Edward!!!

    Yes, change DOES seem to be in the air, huh?

  10. Good for you Brazen -I struggle like hell to wake up early, I am lucky if I manage it once every two weeks!

  11. I'm not sure I have ever heard of a "Tan Can"! But I want to hear all about it now :)
    I am glad you are loving the changes you have made. I think we can all make a few changes for the good :)

  12. Thanks for stopping by!

    I love that scene too in Story of Us...She is talking about how he reads Charlottes Web with such conviction, and "you're a good friend, and good friends are hard to find"

    SO GREAT! We are incorporating a lot of that scene into our vows!

  13. yeah, it was his idea.

    he's pretty cute.

    I guess because he is from South Africa!

  14. that is the one thing i have to work on after the new year, the resolution i WILL keep, getting up and working out again, it does a lot for your mind, body and soul. sounds like you're in a great place, it's nice to finally get the two people into one huh? the confused with the focused and it all comes together :)

  15. Change is good :) Oh, and tell me what you think of the movie Twilight if you go see it.

  16. I totally agree about the living in the here and now. It's the philosophy I live by - Hope your Thursday was great!!

  17. Tan Can... i've used one in our gym! My advice - build up slowly. start off with 10minute sessions but if you are very white then maybe 5mins. Do about 3-4 sessions on 10mins then go up to 15mins sessions. It has given me a lovely tan but i do worry a bit about the skin cancer aspect so i only use it at the beginning of summer! I never do more than 20mins so i don't find it too hot! The tan can gives you an even tan! I find it a great way to build up your tan before summer!! :-)


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