Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Scary gym germs

Even though it was rainy, stormy and rather unpleasant this morning, I actually managed to muster up enough motivation to go to gym. I think I shall give myself 10 brownie points for being disciplined (or for being stupid - you decide).

Gym was ok, though I must admit somedays I dont like gym. It can be a bit gross. Im not a huge germ-a-phob but the idea of lots of people walking around sweating on all the machines still makes me feel a little dirty. Sure, i have a gym towel - but that is not good enough to wipe away the memory of the rather big guy that dripped sweat all over the treadmill I am just about to use *ewww*

I just want to state for the record that I have NEVER showered at gym. Thats a whole other gross thing Id rather not think about. Shared showers? - no thanks! Luckily I live close enough to go home to shower.
Even though gym is not one of my favourite places, I still find myself very happy and full of energy after going..........maybe gym germs are not so bad after all.

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  1. my gym kinda skeeves me out too, but i just grit my teeth and dont think about it..

  2. Ugh I used to work at AND work out at a gym. As refreshing as it is, it grosses me out to thinking of someone sweating all over it before me. Then taking what was once my clean work out towel and wiping off sweat after sweat off of each machine throughout the course of my work out and just....ewwww.

  3. ok stop.....eeeeeewww!! It's sooo gross:(

  4. Euww, now I won't be able to look at those gym machines the same way again! But well done for going anyway, that's excellent. It's pissing down with rain here too! What's up with this crap weather.

  5. slyde - me too

    Miss heather - My thoughts exactly - ewwwwwww

    Ruby - Heehee

    Kitty cat - I know, the weather is totally crap. Where is summer?

  6. The machines don't bother me at all, it's the naked people shaving (NOT allowed!) in the steamroom that freak me out!

  7. I never shower in the gym no matter how far away I live. I just hate being naked in front of people.

  8. gross. I do a lot of group exercise and use the floor mats.....I really gotta get my own!

  9. Yeah, must admit the change rooms freak me out more than the gym itself. I get really intimidated when surrounded by countless nekkid strangers (with little concept of personal space). So I prefer to drive my sweaty self home to my own clean, private shower.

  10. BB...I'm with you. I'd prefer to go to gym before work in the morning but can't handle those showers...and dudes moisturising themselves.

    Not lekker.

  11. Girl, I am with you. I was up at 5 and on my way-grr! But I always feel good after being there. But it is super nasty in there. ha! I am always afraid to tough the treadmill :)

  12. I am the kind of girl who wipes down every machine after I use it. I spray it and wipe it.

    And it just dawned on me that I really oughta consider wiping it down BEFORE I use it as well.

    Duh. ;)


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