Happy Friday!

"There are but two things worth living for: to do what is worthy of being written; and to write what is worthy of being read”- Ross Perot


  1. Hmm, that is a deep one. To do what is worthy of being written... I think this means instead of being a movie superhero I should become a novel character :)

  2. for all the writers of the world :)

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  4. Happy Friday to you as well, Brazen!

    I like this because I was recently talking to a friend about writing and how you can only write to get better at writing. This reminds me of that because I think most things are worthy of being read.

    The thing to aspire for is the doing what is worthy of being written.

  5. I'm actually going back to College and my Prof tells us that writing makes us better writers. I've always enjoyed writing, more for myself entertainment.

    Good luck getting that moment.

  6. Ross Perot? Like the little guy with the funny voice and big ears? he said that?

  7. I LURVE your Friday quotes.. Another great one and good photo too!

  8. Whoa, I love that quote. Gotta remember that as I write. Wish I had the same view as the dude in your pic though!


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