Money, craziness and voting

Ive been in a rather odd ball mood lately. I seem to be laughing at my own jokes alot. thats totally normal, right?....anyway, moving swiftly along......

Just recently i have found out something very sad and, please brace yourself for this news.....ok, here doesnt grow on trees!!!! I kid you does not grow on any trees, anywhere, ever! Such sad news. Oh well, I guess I better go into the garden and dig up all the coins I planted.

At the moment i really wish I could find a money tree or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (Oh and btw - thats another untrue thing, no pot of gold at the end of a rainbow - I know, I know...will the bad news ever stop )

The festive season is almost upon us and its beginning to look like it may get completely crazy this year. On the one hand the current financial crisis is making people pretty broke and sad - but on the other hand people shop to make themselves feel better and happy.....hmmmmm... see the problem here????

The American elections are, i might as well share my quick (rather uninformed) opinion on this matter - I would vote for Obama. I would vote for him because i do not like the grumpy vibe McCain puts out and the crazy vibe Palin puts out. In my opinion, Obama seems more mentally balanced.

To all the Americans out there, Id just like to take this moment to say - Happy voting!!!


(PS - to all the South Africans reading this - dont forget to register to vote on 8 & 9 November)


  1. You are so right. Money does NOT grow on trees. dammit. And, I've been looking for that rainbow for a LONG time. That pot of gold? Some damn leprechaun stole it.

    Thanks for the voting encouragement! It IS an exciting day.

  2. oh my gosh, i cannot wait for this voting to be over. it's makes me nervous, distracted and insane! maybe not insane, but it does work me up. haha.

    i can't wait to vote and then hang out at the bar watching those votes roll in. the perfect ending to a painful 2 years of campaigning.

  3. I can not believe money doesn't grow on trees!!!!!!!!!! All this time...

  4. you know what else? I've been looking at clouds all day, and I've not found ONE single silver lining.

    Lies, damn lies, and idiots who believe them. ;)

  5. I think burying money in the garden is a wise move judging by the way banks are going!

  6. you will be happy to know that i am voting for obama tomorrow morning.

    and not to scare you or anything, they say that the first sign of insanity is when you laugh at your own jokes...

  7. I *HOPE* Obama wins, too.

    And I have also found out that money doesn't reproduce in my husband's wallet, either.

  8. If money grew on trees...I'm convinced I'd still be poor cuz I can't grow anything....figures.

  9. You would make a very wise American, indeed!

  10. Now we wait and see what the results of the voting will be!

  11. That's the same reason why I can't plant a chewing gum tree. did you ever listen to that song when you were a kid?

    "Chewing gum is not a pip; it's not a seed you see..."



  13. I hope Obama wins.. and - oh dear - I must be nuts as I always laugh at my own jokes. I mean, someone has to - right?

  14. Found you from Sass but I've seen your comments at a few blogs (Moe's, I think?). Love the blog, lady! :)

    I don't have much to say on the election here except for I agree with you wholeheartedly. Also, I just posted a "voting is sexy" post too, so I had to say something. Great minds think alike!

    I'll be back. Thanks for the laugh.


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