Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Bye-bye 2008!

This year seriously rushed by in a flurry of colours, sounds, feelings and blog posts. Just a few weeks ago it was like June (or it at least felt like it). I am a combination of sad and happy that 2008 is finally ending.

On the one hand I am sad that another year has passed me by and that next year I will have to turn a year older *sigh*......BUT on the other hand I am super glad that 2009 brings a whole new clean slate, a bunch of new opportunities/possibilities and about 365 days to improve my blogging skills...heehee....

I must admit I dont really make new years resolutions (which is surprising as I love lists). Personally, i prefer to just try make lots of new goals and changes throughout my year. Occassionally I will make a 5 year list or a 10 year list (this happens very seldom).

In my opinion New years resolutions just seem silly and a bit forced. I seldom have enough brain power at this time of the year to make much sense (as I am usually in serious holiday mode)....So, Im pretty sure writing a list of resolutions with mushy brain would only be a waste of time.

Instead of making firm resolutions, I prefer to rather take the time to reflect back on year gone by and send up a few wishes and prayers for the year ahead. I shall share a few of them with you.....

........for 2009 I wish and pray.....for more patience, for new experiences, for me and my family to be healthy, to be more fearless, to laugh at myself more easily, to see beauty more often (especially in my mirror), to stay away from negative thoughts, to be more colourful, to always be honest, to write something I am proud of, for more discpline to finish things I start AND to never ever stop dreaming (no matter how unrealistic).

I would like to wish you a very happy new year. I hope next year is all you wished and prayed for.

My blogging shall continue in 2009....

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  1. Great post! I'm not sure your blogging skills can possibly get any better.

  2. Well I'm with you. I would like to have more patience. Most importantly, I would like to see my two year old get better. 2008 has been such a rough year for him and his health. Of course I wouldn't mind losing 25 pounds and I will try.

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year and look forward to blogging with you in 2009

  3. Have a wonderful New Year!!

  4. Love your non-New Year resolutions...I think I'll will borrow some of those ideas :)

  5. Those sound like exceptional resolutions to me......good luck..............to us all.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Great post...hope you have a happy new year!!

  7. great post! Looking forward to reading all about your 2009

  8. Hope you have a wonderful New Year Brazen!

  9. Looking forward to reading many, many more in 2009.

    Big hugs!!!

  10. Happy New Year Brazen! Wishing you a truly fabulous 2009!

  11. Happy new year, BB. I like the no negative thoughts thing, but that is very very hard for me. That is probably my hardest thing. Actually I find your blog so positive that I find it hard to believe you are negative. You are my inspiration!

  12. those were lovely, lovely goals for the new year!!!

  13. Lovely post, hello :)
    x jenna


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