Thursday, 4 December 2008

Current addictions

* Google - I am definitely suffering from a case of "googlitis". I seem to google everything and anything at the moment. I heart google. What did we all do before google? I dont even want to remember.

* Lip stuff - My lips have been ikky for the last couple of months. I have no idea why, but its annoying. So, my major addiction at the moment is all things "lippy". I have tried lip balm, chapstick, 8 hour cream..etc...anyone know any miracle creams for dry, flakey lips?

* Dermalogica - I love this skincare range so much. Sadly, I have run out of all my Dermalogica stuff, except my tinted moisturiser. When i get my bonus I am going to go splurge on some products. Seriously its brilliant stuff - if you havent tried it, go ask for some samples.

* Listening to Music - I used to be a very passionate music enthusiast, who enjoyed buying CDs and trying to find new artists to listen to. For a while i lost interest in music and pretty much the only new music I heard was on the radio (sad, but true). Lately though I have felt a renewed passion for music. Im listening to alot more music and checking out the internet for new music Id like to buy.
(to see my everygrowing i-pod favourites list click HERE)

* Bounty Bars - Yum yum yum.....They are so coconutty and dark chocolatey. Makes me feel like Im eating suntan lotion (in a good way, you know). Now i just sound weird.heehee

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  1. u so right about google. I wish i worked for them in fact. Imagine the money they make!
    and i so understand your lip issue. Ive got the same issue. i think it was cape town's weather this year. my lips are so flaky. what really works for me is Blistex DCT.. wonderworks.

  2. i went to a talk that Stafford Masie had at the Wits Uni. He's so awesome, and i think google SA is gonna rock!

    Must still do my addictions for the month, i love the trend you've started.

    PS: a little something on my blog 4 u, check it out!

  3. Cool list

    Lippy: I swear by Blistex DCT (snap NK), Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream and nipple cream (yes it works and you can get it the baby section of any pharmacy).

    Dermalogica: The Wellness Warehouse on Kloof was having a special that you got 10% discount on all Dermalogica products when you showed your Virgin Active card - perhaps check it out! If you're not a member you can borrow a friend's card even.

    Only thing... I don't feel you on the Bounty thing... I'm not big on coconut but love coconut drinks.. Pina Colade, hmmm!

  4. Nk - yes, it must be the CT weather.

    Mylifescape - Thank you for the award x

    BB - I will have to check out that Blistex stuff. I know Wellness Warehouse well, I must go see if they still have theat 10% sicount thing on (thanks for the info). I have a virgin active card.
    I love Pina Colades too !!!

  5. I heart Google, too! And my lips could use a little something........

  6. Yes, Google! Apparently, all the lip stuff keeps you on a never ending cycle of lip products. You may have to go cold turkey for a while? I dunno.
    I also like Bounty's and would love to try Dermalogica but where can I get it from? A dermatologist?

  7. Kitty - Any good beauty places/spas should sell it.

  8. Hmmm...Bounty bars must be the SA equivalent to our Mounds or Almond Joy. Yum!!!

    I like Carmex lip balm for my lips. Also, this is weird, but try a lanolin cream made for nursing mothers. Seriously.

  9. Hey, nice blog, just came across it.

    To Kitty Kat and boldly benny, i get my Dermalogica products (mostly for the wife i swear) from a site in the UK, they ship all over and offer 15% as standard on their website!

    Dermalogica - Summmer365

  10. I will have to check Dermalogica stuff out!!
    And I am with you. I google EVERYTHING :)

  11. I swear by Nivea SOS Lip Balm. I'm not sure if it's available in SA, although we have most other Nivea products so I'd think so. It's the best stuff EVER - like Blistex, but without the slightly hospital-like smell (the only reason I can't use Blistex, everything else about it is great). If you can find it, you'll never look back!

  12. Paul: Thanks for the heads up on Dermalogica.

    Miss Brazen: Ok, let's discuss music! I am loving so many of your choices like,

    Frank Sinatra
    Imogen Heap
    Frou Frou, you have Let Go on there twice! you must love that song :)
    Zero 7
    Sneaker Pimps
    and so on....

    As for your lips, check out this article:

    or this one:

  13. Google and Wikipedia - we would all be back at the library without them!

    Dark choc Bounty? Yum!

    I like Bistex - probably because of that medical quality - and Chapstick.

    When I was in SA, I used LipFreeze or something like that - it was great!

  14. I google EVERYTHING. Tagged you in my blog!

  15. yeah google, but dont you think it will be responsible for the loss of the human memory?

  16. im with ya on the music addiction...

    the lipstick? not so much...

  17. Do you brush your lips gently with an old toothbrush? It helps to exfoliate them and then slap on some good lippy stuff like all the products that have been mentioned here.

  18. Google rocks!! Right on there!

    Lipstuff is always difficult to find...I've noticed that The Victorian Garden range stocks Rose and Applemint Lip Balm and that works like a charm for me... seriously...and I suffer from dry revolting lips!

    Oh and I hate you know :-) BOUNTY BARS!! Nooooooooooo...I'm trying to be so good!!

  19. I just happen to work for the Google. Glad you enjoy. I do too! :)

  20. I love your Google addiction! I myself am QUITE the fan of Wikipedia!


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