Saturday, 3 January 2009

Current addictions

* Relaxing - this two week holiday has been so lazy and chilled. I can honestly say that I havent relaxed like this in a long time. Getting back into "work mode" is going to be very hard. *sigh* Oh, how i shall miss my afternoon naps.

* Black nail polish - I have started wearing it and I think it is fabulous. I just love the look of it - its very eye catching and edgy (and no, its not just reserved for gothic and emo people anymore)

* Gossip Girl -this TV show is one of my guilty pleasures. I have watched the whole first season and most of the second season - Im hooked! The show is full of teenaged, bitchy, rather preppy, rich people - its fun, full of twists and i just love it.

* Morning coffee - Ive never been one of those people that wakes up and really needs my morning coffee...well, not until now.... Lately I seem to have an uncontrollable craving for a cup of "wake me up before I go-go" coffee. When i dont have one I just dont feel as perky. I clearly need to start cutting down on my caffeine intake again.

* Grilling - the Boyf and I bought a George Foreman "Lean -mean-fat-reducing- grilling machine" about a week ago. Its nice, shiney, easy to use and makes me want to grill everything ;)
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  1. I too have been off from work for 2 weeks. I could get used to it, but I am bored at home, well not bored there is a LOT to do, I just don't want to do it

    Here's to hoping we can ease back into our "normal" lives. I will miss my PM naps as well... sigh

  2. Several of my friends are sporting the black nail polish and I just LOVE it. Though, I'm kind of chicken to try it myself -- surely people at the office won't think twice about it, right?

  3. Is black nail polish the new thing? I had a phase of wearing every colour you can imagine when I was at school. I loved blue and purple.

  4. Morning coffee - I start dreaming of it the night before! ;-)

  5. Black nail polish looks great on everyone.

    I'm fighting a similar caffeine addiction, but only to Starbucks. Typically I don't like the taste of coffee but I've recently started a mocha frap routine that I can't imagine to be good for me. :)

  6. Could not agree with you more on the black nail polish, wear it all the time myself.
    And I am obsessed with Gossip Girl!!!
    Finally some one in SA who I know watches it too, no one I know watches it.
    Love your addictions, think I might try it on blog fun.

  7. I've had two weeks off as well and DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT want to go back to work on Monday morning. Love Gossip Girl...can't get enough coffee...

  8. Ah, the george foreman...I love it. Not sure if you have heard of or like scrapple, but it cooks it perfectly!

  9. I'm always at work becuz I work from home! man that sucks! *sigh*

  10. I'm so with you on the black nail polish !! been an addiction of mine for over a year now.

  11. afternoon naps are my addiction. . .even at work!!!

    Great blog!

  12. I've given you a Lemonade Bloggy Award so stop by and grab it. :)

  13. Three cheers for Gossip Girl! I love that show and Chuck Bass.


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