Monday, 2 February 2009

Current addictions

*Purple - Lately anything purple seems to be catching my eye - From purple make-up to Purple shoes. I absolutely love the colour. At the moment I am lusting after a pair of purple satin high heels.

* Salon hair - Ok, this is not exactly a "current" addiction. Its more like a lifelong addiction. I have curly/wavey/it-will-do-whatever-it-wants kind of hair. So having a nice , straight blow dry or curled salon hair is a really awesome treat.

* Prawns - I never used to eat prawns -mainly because their beady little eyes freaked me out and they look a bit like cockroaches. Then I met the The Boyf and he insisted I try one. To my surprise they were absolutely yummy. Lately I have been having mad cravings for prawns dunked in garlic butter. In fact Im having one of those craving right now. I must go get some prawns....

* Whole wheat - As part of my quest to stop eating bad things I have been trying to change all my normal, white pasta and rice to whole wheat. I was a little worried that whole wheat wouldnt taste as nice, but actually I find it tastes much better and more flavour full. Try it.

* FIT Flops - Ok, I will admit they are not very sexy looking BUT they are the most comfortable flip flops EVER. I love my black ones. Not only are they super comfy, they are also suppose to help tone your legs while you walk in them. (Note: South Africans can find them at the Wellness warehouse)

**To read all my past "current addictions" click HERE


  1. Prawns. I used to hate them too. The tiny little legs and beady eyes. *shudder* But, since J cleans them for me when we go out to dinner I love them. :)

  2. Im addicted to anything that doesn't involve me moving from my computer desktop! lol

  3. I've never tried prawns before, but I really can't bing mslef to try... all those legs...

  4. Well, purple is my all time favourite colour.It's beautiful. And were the fit flops expensive? I've never worn a pair, but I did see them being sold. And it's amazing how much more tasty the whole wheat/grain stuff is when you get used to it, and how bland the white foods actually are. Good luck with it.

  5. I recently went through the wholewheat revolution myself and I have to say I agree!

  6. Sleepy Jane - thats so cute that you get them cleaned for you :)

    Sabrae - heehee. Somedays i feel like that too.

    Helen - you must try them.

    Kitty cat - Fit flops are about 500 rand.

    Thomas - Now if I could just stay away from white bread....

  7. Purple purple purple! I used to hate purple (I think because I find lavender the color to be especially hideous) but now I am loving wearing plum-y purples. It makes me feel like such a dainty gal.

  8. I was so afraid to try whole wheat pasta, especially with three small kids. And I'm amazed at how good it actually is! And it's very filling, so it goes a lot farther than regular pasta.

    I've never tried prawns, but I can say that the comments on here about legs and beady eyes are telling me maybe that's a good thing. ;)

  9. I am definitely going to get myself a pair of those Fit flops!

  10. You are my hero! I ditto everything...OH and I believe Prawns were made for me to dunk into lemon butter sauce. I cannot get enough! Mmmmmm!!! :-)

  11. Ditto everything as well - prawns not so very much though, and purple especially!

    I have been into strong colours lately, rich turquoises and rusty pinky reds and coral... colour just makes everything look good.

    As for the salon hair, one word - ghd. Seriously, since I got given my mini-styler many moons ago I have NEVER looked back! They're not cheap, but they are major investments. :-)

  12. I love all your favorite things posts.. they are my fav...
    I too love purple! love it:)
    Flip flops i love but it is winter here.. jealous of you!

  13. Well I have some purple things in my closest as well. The prawns don't even sound good to me at all. Are those like crawdads.

    I'm not a seafood eater. I like chicken and that's mostly what I eat.

    Hope you have a great Monday.

  14. Great list as usual! i love yellow lately! whats up with that lol x

  15. I love purple. It is my all time favorite color! I like prawns... but only if the heads are not still connected. The legs never bothered me though!

  16. Fit flops??? What a great idea. I'd have an addiction to them too, if I'd heard of them. . .


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