Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A slightly cranky girls quest for pretty

I think at the moment I am suffering from a combination of "poor me syndrome" (aka PMS) and "the-week-before-payday-blues". I feel rather broke, hormonal, lazy and hungry (I'm sure you know this feeling)....

I need to dye my hair. badly. I dont think I can live with the emerging skunk stripe (aka my roots) until payday. Which means I may have to go and buy a box dye tonight. The 2 things I most loathe about box dyes are: its a messy mission and the picture on the box is hardly ever the colour you get on your hair. (If a person buys coffee brown the colour often comes out almost black).
I heart hairdressers. I always try to only let hairdressers dye my hair....but occasionally in my life I have had to let the fate of my hair rest on a simple store bought box of dye.
Yesterday I struggled to find something to wear. After pulling out nearly everything in my closet I realised something sad - I really dont like most of my clothes anymore. Alot of my stuff i feel just doesnt say "me". I think I am ready to introduce some new styles into my closet and get rid of alot of older stuff. Since winter is approaching I am thinking that winter shall be my season to clean out closet and get a new look.

Lately I have been getting alot of fashion inspiration from the show Gossip Girl. I absolutely love the way Blair Waldorf' (aka Leighton Meester) dresses. Her style is very preppy, classic and chic.

Who or what is your style inspiration at the moment?
Do you dye your hair at home or at a salon?

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  1. Lol, i love dying my hair from a box and hate hairdressers :P I always buy a shade lighter than i want because it does tend to come out 2 dark! Hope you feel better soon!! i also *heart* gossip girl because of you! :)

  2. I dye my hair every 3 to 4 weeks myself, use Clairol as its 100% grey coverage, n that's why I have to dye so often :( I use black, so the colour always comes out dark :P

  3. i use to dye my hair at home all the time - nows ti just natural :)


  4. Hey BB! I'm still lurking...hee hee. I nearly bought box dye, then thought I should go to the hairdressers...
    I have some good news! I'm pregnant!!!!

  5. I think I've done my hair with box hair once. Too afraid I'll screw it up.

    As for the payday issue...I feel you! I am so broke it's not even funny. I have enough to get through the week and that's about it. After that I'm so f@cked. So yeah, do not feel alone!

    I'm looking EVERYWHERE for a peacoat and can't find it. Plus, I saw the best boots at Truworths money.

    It sucks. All around. ;)

  6. Ah box dye. I did that once when I had long(ish) hair. I thought I did it pretty well!

  7. Superficial - Gossip Girl is so cool. Whos your favourite?

    Anon - well, you cant go wrong with black ;)

    Prixie - lucky you

    Kitty - CONGRATS!!!!

    sleepyjane - i fear box dye too. I want a pea coat too - no money bites.

    Thomas - guys hardly have any hair to dye. lol

  8. I mostly dye my hair at home. I have gotten it done at the salon or have had salon products to do it myself - thank goodness for friends who are hairdressers! I know what you mean about the color though. Dark brown really = black for a couple weeks!

  9. Changes are always for the better. Happy shopping!

  10. my style inspiration at the minute is the anonymous girl from my dance class who always looks effortlessly cool when all the rest of us are sweating away in our, well, sweats. Then at the end of class she pulls on a bunch of just-so layers and an awesome coats, picks up a massive tote and saunters off into the night.
    And I thought dance class was supposed to be an ego boost! I realised a little while ago that I'm still wearing things I've had since my last year of high school. Not ideal.
    Hope the hairdying goes well!!

  11. Yip, mine always comes out black too, even when I buy light medium brown... So I don't box dye any more. I go to the hair dresser maybe twice a year and get some colour and a treatment but luckily I'm dark anyway so no roots to show! When you're feeling broke at the end of the month, think of this: at least you have a salary due at some point! Freelancers, have none. Psh. I feel ya is all I'm saying.

  12. ps: my new blog is

  13. I LOVE the salon. I hate paying the salon. Sometimes I alternate, salon one time, home dye the next. But a word of warning, if I may? If it says 'ash' anywhere on the box referring to the color, run far, far, away. You will look like Elvis. Yes, I speak from unfortunate experience.

  14. I drool over the outfits on Gossip Girl!!

  15. Always a salon! I've tried home dyes before and ash blonde has turned me black. Doh. It also means I have to either spend £75 at the salon, or stick with my natural and intersting (old) look of grey. Huh.

  16. Lucky for me I actually own a Day Spa. But I can walk in there at any given time and look worse than all of the clients. I neglect myself a lot of the time due to taking care of my three boys.

    As far as style, I usually walk around in the mall for hours looking at all of the displays and then just go from there.

  17. I'm a box girl through and through. . . until I mess it up and have to go to the salon to get it fixed.

  18. I LOVE trendy clothes but I am not bold enough to wear them. But I would love to overhaul my closet, start at a new job, and start from scratch. If only money weren't an issue...

    I only have a few grays, and my hair color (bland brown) is okay, so for now, I am not dying my hair often. But when I do, I've used the boxes!

  19. Wow seems like all the womens blogs I read are pmsing!! Don't feel bad me to lol

  20. we have those days...
    i'm convinced the girl in the mirror hates me.

    Sometimes we need these things, like hairdye and beautician trips.

    Most times... we just want something different, usually the need to reinvent ourselves!

  21. My wardrobe is uninspiring, I have no money and I'm supposed to be saving for Nice... needless to say, I feel ya!

  22. I am with you on the hair colour, i have massive roots and cannot afford to go an colour :-(
    Box dye is calling!

  23. I dyed my hair about a week ago. Obviously didn't come out the way I thought it would. Went for a cut and blow-wave at a salon a few days later where the hairdresser had a field-day crapping me out about my hair.

    I would love to do the salon thing... one day when I have money...fix it all up.. start over.

    Good luck 2 You!! I'm with you on the PMS thing!

  24. I love the music and the clothing inspiration on Gossip Girl. I switch who is my favorite girl to mirror. Right now it's a mix between Blair and Vanessa.

  25. I 'dye' my hair at home with a product called Sun-In. Thankfully my hair is the right shade of dirty blonde for this to work. lol!


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