Thursday, 5 March 2009

A bit of babbling

Firstly, I want to say thank you to all my "followers" - yesterday I noticed I actually have over a hundred bloggers stalking me now. I feel very special.

Yesterday a stranger bought me Lindt chocolates as a "thank you" for typing out a recipe for her (very random, i know). More proof that being kind brings good things your way.

My good friend, Twinkle, is getting married next weekend. The dress code is: "Black-tie with a touch of vintage" (cool, hey). I have been obsessively thinking about what to wear for weeks now. I have finally made a decision on what I will be wearing.
On Monday I will post pictures of the outfit, so you can see -Look forward to hearing your comments on it.

Im a very emotional creature - I cry often and unashamed. I fully believe that crying can be so good for the soul. Whenever I have a good cry I feel "lighter" afterwards. Most recently I cried when I saw THIS youtube video. Its Beautiful!

Tonight, I will be executing operation "box hair dye". I have roped The multi-talented Boyf into helping me on my mission. Our primary objective is to eliminate the evil force known as
"re-growth" *heehee*

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  1. Great post, i bawled my eyes out when i watched the video though :( so sad! I cry for almost anything but something like that makes you feel super sad...
    ps. mike has done my hair before and it came out great :P

  2. haha I make my hubs help me high light my hair! and he does great! I use a cap and can't reach the touch spots!!

    He'd kill me if he knew I said it out loud

  3. Good luck with the "operation hair colour" -- always tons of fun! watching YouTube Oprah vid now :)

  4. NO!!! Dont do it. Box hair dye is so awful! LOL

    I used to have my hubs do the same for me but after a while it just ruined my hair :( The salon treatment is much more better!

    And I am looking forward to seeing your outfit! yay :)

  5. A freebie chocolate - how wonderful! My colleague bought me an energy bar just coz... I love them!

    Good luck with the box dying - how lovely that your man agreed to help!

  6. Can't wait to see the outfit!! :)

  7. I am NOT a cryer.

    But you win.

    I cried.

    Can't wait to see the pictures!

    Congrats on your 100 + deserve it!

  8. Which brand are you going to use??? I seriously say Clairol nice n easy is the best, and the conditioner they give you with it lasts for a few treatments and it makes your hair so silky n soft!

  9. I am an emotional thing, you have to see Seven Pounds, you will cry for weeks! It's a brilliant movie though. Wow.

    Aww...I'll have to see the video at home - don't have sound on this PC!

  10. Black-tie with a touch of vintage! That is fabulous - I would go OTT with vintage accessories!

  11. What a great idea for the wedding attire! Can't wait for the pics.

    I'm a HUGE cryer; very refreshing I think. Am buffering the video now for a good cry right after this.

    Poor Boyf; he needs a gold star for his assitance...let us know what happens!

  12. Back before my husband asked me to stop dying my hair, he used to help me get the roots on the back of my head... otherwise my whole neck and the backs of my ears ended up purply brown.... (black hair dye on my skin= purply brown!) (oh yeah also, he asked me to stop because he discovered that my prematurely greying hair was making a cool "Rogue" strip at the front of my head... you know like as in Rogue from the X-men....)

  13. When I first started coloring my hair, I decided that it didn't want to pay for touch ups that often (my hair grows SO fast!) and that I could easily take care of it myself. Attempt one was a disaster, so I recruited my boyfriend for attempt two. Believe it or not, it was even worse! It was bad enough that I skipped work the next day to head to the salon to get it fixed. I then promised my colorist that I would never attempt it on my own again! I then learned that most red hair is pretty finicky, not just mine. :)

    I am so jealous that you can do your hair and home...and that you have a capable 'assistant'!

  14. Thank you for making me cry at work.

    Love your blog!

  15. Oh my. I stopped bye here because I have read your name on more than 4 blogs this week, all extolling your inspiraional nature.

    And I wasn't disappointed, but somehow I knew I wouldn't be.

    From the Lindt chocolates to the awesome wedding invite "black-tie with a touch of vintage" to that video.
    Oh my, that video. Forgive me for waxing on sentimental (I just watched it) but that video blew me away...
    Thank you for sharing it.

  16. Ohhh I cant wait to see your dress!! i am sure it is adorable!! I am a crier as well! and esp now:)

  17. I'd be so intimidated by the touch of vintage dress code. But it sounds really nice.

  18. Sass 'sent' me here and I'm not afraid to comment. I've just had a horrifically busy 24 hours. I'll be back to see the dress. I love vintage wear.

  19. Dear Brazen,

    Thank you for showing me Dear Eliot.

  20. Good luck. I'm not brave enough to dye my own hair.

  21. That'a the coolest theme! Can't wait to see the outfit.

  22. Just watched the clip. So special. Off to find tissues. Thanks for sharing.

  23. I found you off of the GORGEOUS blog and girl, sexyredframe and I'm glad I did :) I LOOOVE your friend Twinkle's wedding dress attire. Must store that way for my day, WHEN it comes ;) xo

    i'll be sure to visit, and visit often!


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