"To start" list

Today i was thinking about things i wanted to start doing and of course that turned into a whole list of things ( i heart lists).
Here are some of the things on my list:

I want to start.....
1. De-cluttering my home regularly- because clutter is evil
2. Writing "Thank you" notes - because its thoughtful
3. Wearing a bit more make-up - because I hardly wear any
4. Being less wasteful with money - because i dont have alot
5. Exercising more - because then I can eat more brownies
6. Letting go a bit more - because I can't actually control everything and trying to is just stressful
7. Taking ballroom dance classes with The Boyf - because its something I have always wanted to try
8. Framing more photos and pictures - because some images are too good not too
9. Saving for corrective eye surgery - because my eyes are worth it (and Redframe just had it done and is happy)
10. Shopping for some nice winter essentials - because its starting to get colder (hooray!)
11.Being less selfish in general- because sometimes I forget that the world doesn't actually revolve around me
12. Learning to shut up sometimes - because I am guilty of talking too much and listening too little at times
13. Getting to work on time - because I seem to be late alot
14. Accepting my mom's boyfriend - because he makes her happy and It looks like he is going to be around a while

What's on your "to start" list right now?


  1. Exercising.

    Also decluttering.

    Ooh...building my new flower garden.

    Forgiving myself.

  2. Hmm..nice list. I like the ballroom one, I've done it and it's wonderful. You'll love it. I just had to laugh at your reasoning for exercise "cos then I can eat more brownies" - that is SO something I would say.
    Mine would be the decluttering thing, definitely. And finding more shelving space to organise things in the home.

  3. 1,5 and 9.Please,please.I want to do those too!

  4. Wow - your list seems like my list. I need to just follow yours.

  5. LoL, your funny.Getting cold?Where are you?Wearing more makeup? I think little it sometimes looks better (little meaning just gloss and some mascara)lol@The Bf haha.I love the learning to shut up one,my youngest is almost 24 so I tell her thats something to think about LOL.My to start list is 1. get some bills paid off.Like credit card bills one big one is Lowes.Get dog licenses,I have 2 a westie and a border collie.Get my kitty rabies shot.The i think I can breath after all of that LOL.Have a great day!

  6. What a list! Great stuff... clutter is evil, I must agree.

    I could probably get on your ban wagon and do all of these things, too --

    Accepting your mom's b/f -- Hard. very hard. I get that...

  7. Hmm...

    Decluttering as well

    Stopping my horrible procrastination habits

    Taking more chances

    Talking to more people

    Excercising regularly

    Not being so hard on myself

  8. It took me a long time to accept my mom's 2nd husband. That's right...she married him before we even realized that they were a couple. It took me a while to forgive her for not telling us too. But I got over it when I saw (not literally, that would be gross, lol!) how much they loved each other.

  9. Awesome post.

    Good question. I want to stop making excuses for why I don't start the things I want to start!

  10. great list! I could definitely sign up for more than a couple of those... especially the world doesn't revolve around me one. Good luck for it, i hear ballroom dancing is great fun!

  11. This is a wonderful list. Exercising is high up on my list. I used to be disciplined by have gotten off track over the past few months. I've been putting it off but once I get going I know I'll enjoy it again.

  12. everything you said. . . only I need to save for summer clothes. . .

  13. I have been with you on #1. I can't stop wanting to just throw things out.

  14. I'm thinking my list is the exact same, minus the make-up one(Pshaw! You don't need to wear more makeup!), and the mother's boyfriend one! Be glad that The Boyf is a good sport; my S.O. went with me, and he was cussing the whole time and being a general poop. I regularly had to kick his ass, you know.

  15. I would loove to get eye surgery. Let us know how it goes, if you do :)

  16. Mmm.. my house is evil... I should de-clutter - but how?

    Need to start shouting less.. OK - will wait until after PMS has finished for that one!

  17. I'm loving your list.

    I want to be able to go home every day and take something positive with me. Because sadly I have more bad ones than good.

  18. That's quite a list but quite a lot to tick off.
    I'm really working on 1,2,4,5 & 6 myself!

  19. De-cluttering. Where does all the stuff come from!!!

  20. 3. Wearing a bit more make-up
    4. Being less wasteful with money

    These two seem diametrically opposed.....women generally look better with less makeup...beauty is more in the attitude than the face paint.

    7. Taking ballroom dance classes with The Boyf - The wife and I did this about 2 years ago. It is harder than you think, but well worth it. We learned to tango.

    12. Learning to shut up sometimes - Yeah.....right.....LOL

    For a list of my current "To-Do" list go to my Blog and look at the Project Link......it grows more than it shrinks.


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