April goals and polls

Happy April everyone! I cant believe how this year is flying by.

This morning I went to gym and felt rather unfit ('cause I havent done any exercise in 2 weeks) . Going to gym was a really good start to the month though. Now, I just need to keep going.
This month my goals are:
*exercise more (I know, I say this all the time)
*get my yearly pap smear (too much information?? lol)
*Finish reading at least one of my study books ( I am a procrastinator)
*make a budget (that I can stick to)
*buy the Twilight DVD
*eat less bread (I think I eat way too much bread)
*drink more red wine (it calms me *winks*)
What are your April goals??

The results of my last poll were interesting. A total of 50 people voted. The winning answer to "What do you think Brazen looks like" was Crazy Hippy Chick with 10 votes. In a close second was Brunette and Mousey with 9 votes.
What was the right answer? Well, I have to say "brunette and mousey" fits me better than any of the other answers. At the moment I have medium to dark brown hair and I am quite petite. I have brown eyes and very pale skin.

Today I have put up a new poll (oh yes, another one). This time I want to know - what do you think I do for a living? Go tick an answer if you have time....
(Note: I'm sure this poll addiction is just a phase - until it passes just humour me *grins*).


  1. I am with you on the budget and exercise! (i cant cut out bread though... one of my many little pleasures in life, nothing better than some crusty bread with balsamic and olive oil)

  2. Damn...I picked blonde and busty!

  3. I haven't really set any goals for myself this month, but if I had to, they'd pretty much look like yours. Especially the exercise one! And yes, the girlie check-up thingie too. (Shudder!)


  4. I think it's cool that you set yourself some goals every month:)

  5. I know you will be able to achieve all of your goals.. especially the wine one!

    I have 1 goal.. to pay all my damn bills (with no money) I need more wine

    For your poll (i love poles i mean polls) Can you add either none of the above or career peon customer service rep?

  6. Superficial girl - I love bread, but I really just eat too much. Especially white bread toast - yummy!

    Ches - I thought so

    Fluffy Pink thing - Im trying out month to month goal setting - maybe I'll have more luck that way ;)

    Ruby - Im trying

    Dizzblnd - heehee. I love polls too. Nope, you gotta pick from the list ;-)

  7. Oooo, oooo. Count me in on the exercise thing. I've already got my workout DVD turned on and am ready to go. And budget would be VERY WISE for me. Bread, fat chance!

  8. Yeay! I got it right :) So here's to wait and see if I get the next poll right...

  9. I *sort of* made myself a goals list for the month on my blog too!

  10. Goals for April? Survive! lol

    And the budget thing. I think if I buy another pair of shoes he WILL kill me. :)

  11. since Ilove poles so much.. i chose exotic dancer

  12. I picked right! Lets hope I picked right on the new poll too

    Goals - keep up with the South Beach Diet and excersise more

    I think I am going to take up on the "drink more wine" one too - good pick :)

  13. My goals are to spend my money more wisely. To put some time aside for myself. And to get out more with J. :)

    I totally took a pic wof me in my coat. I posted something for the dog blog today but keep an eye out tomorrow. :) Le pic will be up.

  14. Love that frog wedding story you posted last week.

    Have taken your poll! Hope I'm humouring you enough...;-)

  15. My only goal right now is to breathe in, breathe out, and remember that everything works out in it's own time.

    That's all.

  16. My aim is also to do more exercise, which is usually no problem for me but since I nstarted working and commuting I have become soo lazy. Anda definitely more red wine!

  17. Ditto ditto ditto... exercise, bread and wine, I'm with you! And I'm loving your polls! I'm telling you, I totally know what you look like, must have dreamt you. As for occupation? Mmm, I'll vote and tell you later. x

  18. Just because you have brown hair doesn't mean you can't be a crazy hippie chick!!!!

  19. I seriously doubt you are mousey! No, not with a name like Being Brazen!
    Hope you accomplish all your goals!

  20. I like your goals - I think I have just about the same ones! Like your polls, too!

  21. I haven't visited in a while and thought it was time to come back. So you make monthly goals? That's great. I'm going to sign up to take the State Department exam this month.

  22. Coat pic is UP! :)

  23. hey, thanks for checking out my blog!

    i have a lot of the same monthly goals as you, good luck to both of us completing our list!

  24. my April goals are to budget, excercise, and sort out travel plans with Dave (i am a girl who loves an intinerary)


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