10 things i learnt this weekend

1.mountain biking uphill on a stony path is very hard, not very comfortable and may cause swear words to fly out of my mouth.
2. I find padded cycling shorts hysterically funny
3. cows with horns (aka bulls) that appear out of nowhere and just stare at you are rather scary.
4. I will always end up over eating on holiday.
5. I do have some Internet access where i am at the moment (notice this nice little blog post)
6. Afternoon naps can do wonders for your mood.
7. The Boyf is capable of stepping on a snake without freaking out (how does he do it?)
8. Sitting around a table for every meal is great.
9. Homemade bread is so delicious - i think i should try making my own.
10. People always seem to do things on holiday they wouldn't usually do (why is that?)


  1. Biking is hard PERIOD! I just woke up from a nap myself.. I'm in a better mood.. but still very unmotivated.

    Padded cycling shorts huh? I don't think I've ever had a chance to laugh at them

  2. Re: #10 - people do things on holiday they won't normally do because the locals will never see them again. If they did it at home, they'd never hear the end of it from friends and/or family.

  3. Sounds like you guys are having a great (and interesting aka snakes biking???) time! lol
    I love sitting around a table eating. we have been doing it every night for the last 3 weeks. so much better. and home made bread... all i can say is YUM! :)

  4. WHAT @ no7!?! I would FREAK. OUT.

  5. Sounds like your bf is incredibly brave??????

  6. Holiday is the time to overeat, and do crazy things........

    Hey, you'll never see them again, right?
    Unless you give them your real name and address and invite them to visit for a weekend that turns into two years...............

  7. I love sitting round tables for meals! that's totally going to be a rule when I get my own place.
    Padded shorts are hilarious.
    He stepped on a snake?? didn't freak out?!?! what a man.

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend!

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE homemade bread! mmmm

  9. mtn biking uphill on rocks makes me cry. i've done it before. for 3 miles. ugh. hope downhill was better! :)

  10. Eating meals around a table is the best!!!!

  11. leart anything else since you've been away lady?

  12. lady where did you go to?
    sounds just like a wild coast holiday to me!!

  13. Hahaha - at least your padded cycling shorts weren't red when you saw the bull! LOL

    I love the taste and smell of freshly baked bread! I used to make my own, but I'm too damned lazy now! LOL

  14. i want a bread maker.. my mom has one and i love the smeel of the bread as it is cooking! Oh and I love naps:) sounds like a great weekend my friend

  15. Mountain biking? Impressive! I would not be able to do that.

  16. I've wanted to make homemade bread forever... why isn't it Christmas already so I can ask for one??

  17. I can't help but laugh at my padded bicycle shorts. And yet, I would DIE without them!

  18. i will second #10. Every time i go on a vacay with friends, they always get CRAZY where they would never do it at home.. weird..

  19. for no. 10...cause what happens on holiday stays on holiday ;)

  20. The padded nappy-shorts are so funny! I guess one day I will have to wear them and then ignore the giggles from passing motorists.

    And napping is the best thing ever!

  21. Reading this, I just realized how badly I need a holliday.

  22. 10. Because holidays get us out of our comfort zones and little boxes.

    I want one!

  23. Yeah I dunno how they do it!! I'm not a big 'freak out' person, but I definitely won't stand still. I totally agree with you on the over eating on holidays.... why the hell do we do it??

    Afternoon naps... made in heaven!
    It's really nice eating a meal around a table with the people you love... relaxing, refreshing and social.

    And yeah... very strange that people do things on holidays they wouldn't normally do... WTF is up with that??

    (HEHE!! Padded shorts are HYSTERICAL!!!!

    No offence to those who wear it...



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