Thursday, 14 May 2009

Fido vs Feline

After much thought and a few close encounters of the feline kind I have come to realise that I am not a cat person.

While some people love a cats graceful ways, meowing sounds and long whiskers I cant help but find cats annoying. Cats have such a snobby vibe about them. They trot around like they own the place and they order people around (Im convinced their meowing is a flurry of orders we just dont understand).

I will agree that cats may very well be more intelligent than dogs (and maybe even a few humans). This is what worries me. I think if cats could they actually would attempt to take over the world. Sometimes i catch cats giving me "evil eye" looks and I know they are up to something. Seriously, if i had a cat I would be scared, because I think cats are plotting against people! (where do you think they wander off to? cat plotting meetings, of course)
Dogs are wonderful, they listen, they protect, you can take them for walks and they can actually be trained. They never seem to want anything but your approval and love.

In my opinion there are only two kinds of people - cat people and dog people (nearly everyone likes one more than the other) - I'm definitely a dog person.

Are you a cat or dog person?

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  1. hehe, i wrote a post just like this a few months ago.. i am such a dog person, it's ridiculous. in my book, the best kind of cat is a dead cat! (sorry kitty-lovers).. but i'm also deathly allergic. "cat plotting meetings" had me laughing out loud! haha.. for some reason i picture those meetings a la the famous dogs playing poker picture- smoking cigars, drinking fine scotch, etc. haha!

  2. lol, you shouldnt visit malta then! this place is full of stray cats. the other day i saw three different looking cats running together and then they went under a car and sat down in a circle. seriously a pack of cats? it was weird!

  3. I agree with your opinion 100%. And i am of course a dog person :P

  4. dog! all the way...

    I hate cats and the way the crawl on counters ... eww, I eat there...

    My sisters cat was crawling on the counter and it tried to jump over a candle and it caught on fire... everything turned out fine but that's what i mean! sneaky little shit, crawling on the counter and then BAM! eww and then there just all over you around your neck. Ugh

    My dog, however, is an angel that bites children and I love him!

  5. I'm both a cat and dog person - i dont think i could choose either way. I'm also terribly allergic to cats but i've always had them.

    My dad was able to train a cat once. It could do all the usual dog training commands - sit, fetch, stay, talk, down etc

  6. I'm both. I have a cat because they're easy to take care of, but I really want a dog once we move. And you're right, meowing is a way of giving orders. For instance, at 5:30 am our cat comes in to say "get up and watch me eat humans".

  7. Oh funny!

    I love both...I have 3 cats and 1 dog

    yes, what you say is true about cats which makes it all the more interesting haveing a house full of them :)

    I always say we're in big trouble because we are out numbered by far!

  8. Dog person. Which is helped by J being allergic to cats, so dog people :)

  9. I am 100% a cat lover. Some dogs are okay, but they stink; YOU have to take them out to pee/poop; they eat furniture, shoes, etc; and they yap and jump a lot. Cats, on the other hand, never stink; take care of their personal business alone (except you provide a litter box); they don't eat valuables; and are relatively quiet and calm.

    Yeah, mine is snobby and thinks he is in charge of us, but I find that amusing. He is so pretty, soft, and calming to pet. Even my former cat hater husband loves him (although he won't admit it! I catch him cuddling him ALL the time, though!) ;-)

    Oh, and cats probably ARE plotting against us!

  10. I would say I'm more of a cat person,simply because dogs are a bit needy for my taste and cats are easier to take care of.Dogs are truly like practice-children,and I am sure as hell not ready for kids just yet.

    At my moms' house there are 3 dogs and 2 cats.1 dog is very loving and adorable,the other 2 dogs couldn't care less about the humans in the house.1 cat is loving and adorable and the other cat couldn't care less about the humans in the house.

    So for me,dogs and cats end up being pretty much the same.

  11. Cats for sure. You can leave for a few long as you put out food, water and make sure the litter is clean. No need to kennel, no need to find a dogsitter.

    I agree with that cats taking over the world thing though. We definitely need to keep an eye on them. :-)

  12. oh dogs all the way!! i will visit someone with a cat and think "oh he's not so bad.. maybe a cat would be nice" then I remember how regal and stuck up cats can seem to me and how much i hated the cat i used to have... (isn't it horrible when you can say you honestly disliked your pet?)

  13. Nope, I am a BOTH person! I cannot decide if I prefer dogs or cats; they're both just lovely.

    I love cats. They're soft, clean and don't jump up and muddy your clothes and scratch your car doors. I love the sound and feel of a cat purring, and I love when they sit on your lap and have a little smile on their face and gently knead your legs (sometimes that hurts, but hey). I love that they are small and delicate enough to sleep on your bed, and I love when the meow at you like they're talking.

    Dogs: I love how enthusiastic they are. I love that they're thrilled to see you, be with you, love you and protect you. They just ask for love, and you can take them on walks. On the down side you have to put them away when vistors come, often, and they're dirty and smelly. But I LOVE them, really!

  14. Dog person. It is awesome being able to get a dog to do something that it hasn't done before by just talking to them.

    For example, while visiting family in the mountains my dog (Kinross) got lose. When we noticed we brought the other families dogs with us to find Kinross. On our way out the door we told the dogs (Tiff and Bandit) that we were looking for Kinross and to help us. Tiff trotted down the road and over the hill. When we caught up we saw that the she had just reached Kinross. Tiff then got Kinross' attention and circled back around back to us, Kinross followed and they both came back to us on top of the hill.

    Tiff was just a normal black lab mix and never had that sort of task to do before hand, but she knew what we were doing just by telling her. (And no, we weren't even calling our dogs name yet... we didn't even have that much time)

  15. I'm definitely with you - dogs can be trained and are loyal. Cats don't want to have anything to do with you.

  16. Definitely a cat person. I don't like the idea of an animal whose emotions are so intrinsically linked to whether I playing with it or not.

    Few things in this world seem more depressed than a dog that’s not being either fed or played with.

    I can respect a cat because it doesn't give a crap what I think about it. And if I stop feeding it, it will just find food somewhere else.

  17. We have one of each.

    Our cat is loving and sweet and not at all stuck up. He does not meow orders at us and loves getting affection as much as the dog. He is walkable on a leash and we trained him not to climb on counters or the kitchen table.

    Our dog is moody but sweet. He isnt sure he likes the kids, but cant get enough of Owen. He has to be put out when visitors come over, He smells whenever he is wet (which is often since we live in a very rainy place). But he is fun to play with outside and loves to play with the kids outside.

    Animals are alot like people. There are different personalities amongst their numbers, just like there are amongst people.

  18. Dogs all the way! I've never been able to get close enough to a cat to see if I like them - very, very allergic! But dogs, they are wonderful!

  19. Cat. I have never had a dog though. Well behaved ones are great, but the ones that slobber and jump all over you, noooooo.

  20. Hahaha, I was laughing out loud as I read this because that is so my cat. I am SURE he is giving me orders when he meows at me, lol!!

    I love him anyways though, I've never had a dog of my own but I ADORE my cat! He is a very cuddly cat and I think he's SO cute. My mom has a big golden lab who is her baby, and when I visit her I find him way too needy. He follows you EVERYWHERE and begs while your eating and it just annoys me.

    So, I guess I'd have to say I'm a cat person, even though, as I said, I've never owned a dog!

  21. I am a total dog person. Until a stray cat wandered into my apartment thru the window and just decided he liked it there. I was not going to keep him. I do not like cats. But I had not choice in the matter. He liked me and he was staying. So now I am a one-cat person. (he's cool for a cat)

  22. What if I said I was neither? I might actually be a horse person, or a bird person...

    Nah, I'm a dog person. And a bird person. And a horse person. And don't forget elephants.

  23. Dogs. Fo sho!

    I'm allergic to cats.

  24. Dog person! I have the best dogs evah(IMO) a French Bulldog, and two Chihuahua's. I have pictures on my blog, you should go look they rock!

  25. Definitely a cat person. I have dogs but dont have the same relationship with them as I do with my kitties.

  26. We have 5 indoor cats and 1 outdoor cat as well as 3 dogs, each over 45lbs. You be the judge.....

  27. Agree, with Ashley, the best kind of cat is a dead cat...very funny.

    Just dont get cats at ALL!

  28. Oh my goodness, hear hear! Cats are crazy nutters, and they are COMPLETELY plotting. Best to keep them far FAR away and hang with dogs only. Or goldfish--of which I have one. :)


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