May goal and polls

The sad news is: My holiday is over *sigh* and I am back at work.... the good news is: now I have time to blog again *grins*

May is always a very contemplative month for me, as its the month I become a year older . This month my goals are to:

1. Run at least 3 times a week (and try not to collapse)
2. Get my car cleaned inside and out (its time)
3. Plan a fabulous birthday party (and drink a bit too much)
4. Stay off caffeine (yes, folks I am still caffeine free)
5. Study everyday (even if it is boring)
6. Eat smaller dinners and bigger breakfasts
7. Spend alot less money

In my last poll I asked the question: "What does the Boyf do that really annoys Brazen" - the answer with the most votes was: Never answers his phone - sorry, peeps but that is incorrect.

Honestly, The Boyf doesn't do alot that annoys me, but the one thing he does that really annoys me is making alot of mess. He has the amazing talent of making a neat, organised room into a chaotic, disorganised mess in a matter of minutes.
Though he is way better at cleaning up than when we first met, I have started to realise the messy disorganisation is just part of who he is and he is probably always going to be the messy one.......... and I think I can accept that (well, most of the time) *winks*
What does your partner do that really annoys you?


  1. OMG I'm so with you on the mess side, my boyfriend leaves his clothes and shoes all over the apartment. In fact he always tosses his dirty washing NEXT to the washing basket.
    My biggest mistake was telling him that it drives me dippy because now I think he does it on purpose, I hear him snigger when I mutter to myself about his shoes and clothes. But I guess on the grander scheme of things it's not that bad!

  2. exist and that realllllly annoys me...

  3. ohh birthday month lots of fun :)think my list of annoying habits is way to long... :P

  4. I live in organized chaos. I'm not neat, by any stretch of the imagination, but I know where everything is.

    What annoys me about my man is that he uses an irritating tone of voice when he mocks someone. It's like fingernails on a chalkboard, and I can't understand a word he's saying. Oh yeah! And the constant political talk. Bores me to tears!

  5. Yay, you are back, sorry your holiday is over. My BF used to clean the floor with the dish sponge, but we seem to have overcome that!

  6. Hmmm...I seem to be one of those 'messy' BF you're all referring to. FYI: It's part of the job description - didn't you read the fine print!? It's either making a mess or watching sport in our undies - taking your pick!

  7. Welcome back to the land of the working! ;) lol Glad you'll be blogging on the regs again.

    And where do I start? I shouldn't even get into it here - too many to list.

    Thankfully I loves him. ;)

  8. Good luck on those goals.. They sound rather simple to achieve.. aside from the ones that involve cleaning. UGH

    I can't beleive I was among the wrong answers in the other poll. This one I KNOW I am right. ;)

  9. Please keep us up-to-date with your goals. Mainly because I'd love to know how to achieve them. It's a lil freaky but have the same goals...only am still trying to achieve them. I'm trying to go to gym four times a week. My poor car is no longer maroon and do not even get me started on spending money.
    Giving up coffee ... you're much stronger than I am!
    Good luck!

  10. leaving the phone anywhere but on the charger!

  11. What does my husband do that annoys me.......




    I'm kidding. Mostly.

    I'd say...he is very slow when we're getting ready. I have to get myself and three kids ready, and he's just ambling along like nothing's going on.

    Drives me nuts.

  12. sounds like a good list!

    Dave doesn't do much that really annoys me - the main thing would be his inability to relax - he won't ever shrug off the washing/ironing/cleaning/cooking for the sake of a lazy friday evening. Sometimes this is great, but sometimes it just makes me feel lazy!!

  13. im with ya on #6... i need to start doing that too..

    usually i skip breakfast and eat a huge dinner... thats not so smart..

  14. Makes a mess and then denies making it. If he'd just admit it, it would be so much better. {heavy sigh}

  15. My boyfriend is has NO idea about time. He takes his time with everything! No worries if we're late or in a hurry at all. It frustrates the shit outta me!!!! Other than that... well there's a couple more but I won't go there...

  16. ahhh! I dont like it when ryan leaves his shoes all over the house... bring to the closet babe and put them where they go:)

  17. "6. Eat smaller dinners and bigger breakfasts"

    Meeeee too. BUT it is so hard with a man in the house... they eat so much! It's just not fair.

  18. Fabulous goals...I'd like to get in on the no caffiene thing...slowly but surely!

    Pokey is Irritation Central...but that's only because I'm Anal Retentive Central! So, I'd have to say the things that annoys me is his utter lack of awareness of his surroundings. If it is not immediately necessary to his current train of thought, he tunes it out, whether it's a tangible object, a thought, a comment, whatever. My mind has a million things going on at once and is picking up on tons of cues from the environment all at the same time. Maybe it's a male/female thing? :)

  19. My boyfriends messiness drives me nutso also!! He can be super clean if he realy wants to be, but most of the time he's SO messy!

  20. he leaves crumbs on the counter after he makes a sandwich, grrrr

  21. Statistically, this is the biggest gripe women have about men. I learnt that opn my pre-marriage course and thought "that will never be me - I'm sure my issues with him won't be that petty".

    Huh! Famous last words...


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