Monday, 29 June 2009

10 Things I learnt this weekend

1. Some people will stand in insanely long lines, for hours, to buy sale clothes - but I just can't do it..i dont have the power.

2. Its totally ok to spend most of the day in bed.
3. Changing room mirrors and lights are evil - sometimes they make me want to cry.
4. I need to change my diet asap (good-bye my dear fast food friends, i will miss you)
5. Sometimes I am the biggest hypocrite i know
6. Retail therapy makes you feel great....until you check your bank balance (time to break open my piggy bank).
7. Terminator Salvation was very cool
8. Staying away from the computer for a whole weekend can be a great idea- as long as you can get over the internet withdrawals ;)
9. Doing exercises at home can be just as good as going to the gym - who knew!
10. If you dont love yourself , how can expect other people to
What did you learn this weekend?

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  1. I learned that my dogs are very bad mannered. lol

  2. what sort of exercise are we talking about here?

  3. Yes do share the exercise you do?!

    I learnt that leaving your problems behind and taking a relaxing Me-Time weekend, doesn't make them go away... Ugh!

  4. Couldn't agree more on most - except for exercising at home - have never managed it :)

  5. i hear ya--- I need to break up with bread and cheese- right now!

  6. This weekend I learned:

    1. What SKI Holiday actually stands for.

    2. That Durban isn't actually much warmer than Joburg this Winter (AND it rains!).

    3. Fingerless gloves may actually save your life.


    4. Family funerals *can* actually be fun. Who woulda thunk it?


  7. I am totally one of those people who will stand in the queues. I have to keep telling myself that these outfits are worth it. Agreed on the changing room mirrors. They were made by the devil. I stand in a queue for half an hour and then go home and try on the clothes. They look much better there anyway.

  8. I'm also keen to hear more about the exercises at home - I can NEVER exercise at home - it just doesn't happen. Even if I want to.

  9. I learned that sometimes its best to keep your mouth shut about the weather.It may come back hotter than you can take.LOL. Now we are back to cool and rain though, lol who knew.

  10. Hmm, I am guessing you went shopping this weekend? What a genius I know!

  11. Which sale did you go to??? Why didn't you drop me an email to say there was going to be a clothing sale?

  12. Oh, UGH! I don't care how good the sale is; if I have to stand in a long line to get it, it's over! And I can definitely benefit from learning number 10!

  13. I learned that even after a night of drinking and dancing... I do not sleep the entire night, and staying in bed really IS ok. I 2nd you on that one.

    I also learned that "The Boy" thinks he can go hot dogging down curvy roads and expect us to beleive he was not speeding when he ended up in a ditch.

    Loving yourself is of utmost importance. Always

  14. I learned that I am allowed to be really tired and to not drink and just sleep, wonderful sleep... I do love your 10 things I learnt posts.

  15. Great post! I agree with all of them!

  16. I have a bog award for you on my blog.Come and get it,lol.I love your amazing silliness in your blogs.

  17. I learned what I can tolerate...and what I can't.

    I learned that a 24 year gap in a BBF relationship won't get resolved as quickly and I'd like.

    I learned that people I never knew were thinking of me...were thinking of me.

    I learned that patience is is a virtue - and things happen in their own time.

  18. 1 x medicine ball + a few dumbells = home gym. :)

  19. I have two exercise DVDS that I use at home (very grateful no-one else can see me in front of my TV).

    So with you on change-room lighting. You think they'd fix that - it would certainly sell more clothes!

    I learnt that there's nothing better than a fireplace in a hotel room for romance ;-)

  20. I had to part with fast food a couple of weeks ago, it's not fun saying goodbye!

  21. I am with you on everything...except number 7! I haven't seen it yet :)

  22. I learned that my trash will not take itself out, no matter how much I stare at it and will it so.

  23. I totally agree with you on the third one... they seem to be more honest than the weighing scales!


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