I'm over there....

Every now and then i will be posting on another blog, called Wellness Warehouse (If you live in Cape Town you may be familiar with the stores).

This week my post on the Wellness blog is called "caffeine free". Please go check out my blog post HERE - Thanks, darlings


  1. Kudo's to you for quitting Caffeine. It's definitely not easy.
    I learned early on that even though I do love coffee, it does not exactly love me back. (*cry*)

    So, if I do need a small boost, I do green-tea. :)

    Good JOB!

  2. Very nice blog layout! And... there is no way I could quit caffeine! I'll definitely try to keep up with your other blog, as I want to see your wellness progress. :)

  3. That was a great article. You are much braver than me. I also love the wellness warehous. i hope you're getting some of the perks of being associated with the brand.
    and I totally agree, some meals taste so much better with coke. especially burgers and pizza! I've cut back on sugar and trust me, the coke light is just not the same.

  4. oh cool! i will go follow that one as well! :)

  5. Just popped over there to comment!

  6. So cool! Great job! I'm glad you are getting recognised for being awesome and healthy!:)


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