Rainy days, sexy boots and studies

While I totally love winter rain, I have to admit that going outdoors in this kind of weather is not ideal. My hair doesn't have a great relationship with rain, puddles annoy my shoes and my glasses need windscreen wipers to function properly.
I'm starting to think maybe animals that go into hibernation for the whole of winter have the right idea.....*sigh *...I really need to go home and snuggle under the covers for the rest of the day....

I'm totally lusting after a pair of rather expensive ankle boots right now that I saw in a store last week (They look a bit like the picture on the right). I really want to buy them but they are a bit pricey and I tend to stumble in stilettos. Should I risk falling on my face and temporary poverty for them? I'm thinking yes *winks*
Lately I have been studying for a horrid exam that is next week - Im very out of practice when it comes to studying, So I will be needing all the quiet time and brain space I can get before the exam....
Unfortunately, my darling blog readers, this means I may not have any time to blog on Mon, Tues and Wed next week (dont be sad, its for the best) - but I will be back as soon as possible.
Have a great Thursday x


  1. I would learn to walk in stiletto's for those shoes. Gorgeous!! :)

    Good luck with studying and the exam!

  2. Good luck for the studying! and btw shoes are more important than food petrol etc... hehehe thats the little devil on your shoulder! :P

  3. good luck for your exam! The shoes are gorgeous, but will you really wear them in winter? Maybe think about it for a week or two before you make a decision?

    wow, I sound like my mother!

  4. We had a freak thunderstorm today and it really upset the apple cart. We're used to next to no rain, especially in June. I hope we get more tomorrow. : )

  5. Those shoes are HOT!

    Get them, and practice your strut around the house before venturing out :)

    Good luck for the exam!

    PS: You are a Gem!

  6. Totally buy the shoes! who cares if you can't eat, at least you'll be thin and stylish!
    Finished my degree last year so am glad to done with studying. Hope it's not too bad.

  7. Yes.. under a blanket with a hot tottie and a good book!

    Nope.. not me, I would break and ankle, or two and THEN fall on my face, break off the heal and be out $300 don't do it girlfriend. Think of the children!

    Good luck on the exam, I just KNOW you will do well.

  8. Sleepyjane - Thank you for the luck. The shoes are so gorgeous, hey.

    Superficialgirl - Thanks, hun x you are so right..who needs to eat.

    Helen - Will i really wear them? Well, i sure will try ;)

    JJ in LA - I love thunderstorms

    Mellisoo - Thank you. I will practice strutting before venturing outdoors.

    Skinny bitches - Hope its not too bad either ;)

    dzzblnd - aww, thanks

  9. Why Brazen, why? You choose not to blog on the worst three days of the week! It will feel so, empty... ;)

    Good luck for the exams BB. Sure you'll ace them.

    If I were you, I'd get those in a pair of knee highs. And that concludes my shoe knowledge.

  10. Buy the boots after the exam :) Something to get you through the studying. Good luck, x

  11. those are really stunning shoes, i have just bought myself boots which i could not really afford to buy this month, but hey, a lady needs her shoes.

  12. DO you have ANY idea how damn fast i clicked this link after i saw you were writing about "sexy boots"?

    I almost broke my mouse finger!

    you really need to be more responsible...

  13. I love the boots! I am often guilty of sacrificing meal money for shopping.

  14. Those shoes are skyscrapers! Be careful in puddles with them things! They are nice to look at though.

  15. All the best with the studying!

  16. good luck for the exams - make sure you get lotsof study in on the weekend! you should definitely ge the shoes, they're fantastic!

  17. Glad you got the boots
    Hope you passed the exam
    ditto on the rainy weather

  18. Oh snap, me too. Love my ankle boots which I bought for the birthday weekend. What are you studying? Through Unisa? If you are, snap, me too.


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