Well, you asked (part 1)....

Today I thought I should start answering a few of the questions I have been asked...do I did..

Helen asked: tell us what is it that you love and hate about living here (South Africa)?
I love so much about living in South Africa. I especially love the amazing natural beauty and how culturally diverse it is. I also love that nearly all my family lives here.
I hate that we have a lot of crime and that there is so much poverty. I also hate that we don’t have Coldstone ice-cream, Topshop or Taco Bell. (hehehe)

Hayley asked:...would you ever leave South Africa?
I have left South Africa before. I lived in UK for 2 years and in California (USA) for 3 years. Though I enjoy experiencing new places , and might try living in another country again, I don’t know if I could ever move away from South Africa forever. Home is where the heart is.

Tamara asked: If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you pick?
At the moment I really miss some of my good friends... so, I would love to go to Los Angeles to see Mish Mish and UK to see some friends. I also would love to go to France or Italy and just wander around, drink wine and lounge on the beaches.

Heather Nicole asked: So, how many pairs of shoes are in your closet at the moment?
I go through stages with shoe buying. I only have about 10-12 pairs of shoes in my closet at one time. I try to be good about tossing or giving away shoes I don’t wear anymore (or ever). My favourite shoes are usually flip flops.

Sid asked: If you didn't have to work for money ... if you had all the money that you needed to get by (and then some) ... would you still work where you do?
Nope, I would definitely leave my current job.

Skinny bitches in the making asked: Whats your favourite pizza topping?
At the moment I love bacon, banana and garlic - yum yum.

Po asked: Do you plan to have kids, and are you afraid of being a bad parent?
I would like to have a kid one day when i feel ready. I am not afraid that I will be a bad parent, I actually think I will be a great parent. I am, however, rather freaked out by the actual being pregnant and labour part.
Ps - Please feel free to ask me a question if you have not.
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  1. I'm so glad you think you will be a great parent. It's really refreshing to hear someone so positive about these things. So often people rush to say they'll be terrible at things which really they won't be. And I enjoyed all the other Q&As too, what fun!

  2. When you going to start your novel?

  3. I know the questions were already asked but...

    Did you live here (in L.A.) while you were in California? Did you go anywhere else...San Francisco, etc.? What did you like most/least?

    Okay, I'll stop.

  4. I LOVED being pregnant.

    And the moment you see your child for the first time?

    Real Real Real Joy.

  5. i enjoyed this little q&a session. i'm interested in the pizza topping- bacon, banana and garlic. is this all at the same time?! please tell me it is so i can find an excuse to run off and try it!

  6. Banana on pizza is probably one of the best things ever. This is fact. ;)

  7. Thanks for the answers. Tres interesting and frankly a pizza without bacon and garlic is a sad excuse for a pizza. Haven't tried the banana yet. The thought of being in labour scares me too. I think if I have babies I'll be too posh to push.

  8. OMG I think I'm in love with you. You mentioned Cold Stone Creamery!!! That truly is the shit. I also loooooove Dunkin Donuts. I have never been to Topshop or eaten at Taco Bell =(

  9. Also Italy is the shit. Go to Venice!!! It is everything everyone says it is. ANd so safe. Oh and Turin. My favourite Italian place ever. It is soooo quite. A little gem.

  10. A comment, not necessarily on this post, more on your favourite movies, and the journey through your site. What a fabulous time I had spending time reading about you! Your favourite movie selection is legendary - and with two titles sticking out for me in particular -(1) Life as a House (2) Secondhand Lions. With that taste and the balance in mind - I wonder if you maybe didnt forget about "A river runs through it"? - enjoy! And thanks

  11. I too dream of Taco Bell. But banana on pizza? Gross. Banana is bad enough cold, but cooked it's about my worst food in the world.

    The thought of pregnancy gives me nightmares, to be honest. I'm definitely not ready yet.

  12. Aww . . . I miss you too!

    So here is my question: When are you going to come visit??


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