Well, you asked (part 2)...

Yup, its part 2 (i got way more questions than I thought I would). While I realize that a sequel is hardly ever as good as the first one, I still hope this post is a bit interesting -

Ninnles asked: When you going to start your novel?
I have started a novel recently. In fact, I always start to write stories. The issue is that I need to finish a novel...I'm totally awesome at at starting them ;)

Sid asked: I'm rather curious about the type of novel you'd like to create?
I have been thinking I would like to write a young adult (aka teen) novel. I'm not saying I wont write an adult fiction novel one day, I may just want to try a young adult book first.
One Way ticket asked: how do u keep up with so many blogger fans and may I know how many hours u spent on it?
I don't keep up with my blog readers as much as I want to. I try read as many blogs as I can a day. I probably spend an average of 2-4 hours a day on blogging and blog reading ;)

LizSpin asked: Do you like bossing penguins around?
ummm, yes. Especially *Jackass penguins....cause well..they are jackasses. heehee. (* this is the actual name of the penguins that you find around where i live)
SleepyJane asked: If you could be someone else for a day who would you be? :)
I gave it some thought and decided that I wouldn't want to be someone else, it would just feel fake......... though I wouldn't mind being a "rich, yacht owning, holidaying at my villa on an island" version of myself for a day...you know, just to see if it suites me *grins*

Tamara asked: How did you meet your boyfriend?
The Boyf and I met very randomly online a month or 2 before I was about to move back to South Africa from USA. He offered to take me out when i got back. I said OK. We went to dinner the week I got back and I completely fell for him.... *happy sigh*
(note - this is obviously the very short condensed version of the story)
Down and out Chic asked: I'm interested in the pizza topping- bacon, banana and garlic. is this all at the same time?
Yes. Cook the bacon before you put it on the cheese covered pizza, then add the sliced up banana and some garlic.....and then put it in the oven to cook...yum yum...

Mango Girl asked: Is it okay to burn your house down (with all pets removed, of course) just so you don't have to do laundry?
Are you insured? cause if yes, then it may be an option. hehehe... I don't like doing laundry either, but thankfully I have a wonderful domestic helper (aka cleaning fairy) who comes on Wednesdays and does our laundry - of course we have to pay her, but its so worth it.

Reeders corner asked: If you could do one illegal thing and NEVER get caught, what would you do and why?
I would probably choose to speed and park were I want forever (lets count that as one) - because traffic fines are so expensive and its really hard to drive the speed limit in some places.

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  1. You met online? How? He read your blog? What???

  2. To start, I totally agree with you, sequels are never as good. Look at legally blonde 2, totally not as fab as the first. But your questions and answers rocked. I'm the same with the novel. I have great ideas and start them, even map out what is going to happen but I get distracted. I think I'm going to try again. if Lauren from The Hills can get her book published, there must be hope for the rest of us.

  3. i never knew how you guys met! lol sooo cute! :)

  4. Do you like bossing penguins around? Ha ha ha haaaaa

  5. Great answers. And so very exciting to know how you and boyf met. Will there ever be a part 3?

  6. Thanaks for answering so many questions! It was really great to read aout all the little things!

  7. when you say "young adult" novel, do you mean Kiddie Porn?

    cause thats not cool.

  8. I forgot to reply to yesterday's post, I admire your certainty! I am terrified of being a bad parent, but I do think about having little sproglets sometimes.

  9. I think that is a good illegal act! :)

  10. I'm totally with you on the parking and speeding! I wish I could park anywhere I wanted in my town, especially downtown! There are too few parking spaces to be had...!

  11. I have also started many novels. But I always get sick of my characters by the end of the first few chapters and kill them all off ;-) Maybe I should try short stories?

    Do we get the longer version of the "how we met" story?

  12. well...thanks for answering my question. so fun...there are even Q&A sessions...whoa.


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