Running from changing room mirrors

After a rather horrid encounter with my reflection in a changing room mirror on Saturday afternoon (Dear YDE, your mirrors suck!) I resolved to start exercising ALOT more

So, as the sun was about to set on Saturday, I decided to leave my house (with my i-pod in hand) to go exercise -My mission: jog as far as my body would let me *grin*.

Needless to say, The Boyf was mighty surprised to hear me proclaim that I was actually leaving the house to "go for a run". I think he must have misheard me because he replied "have fun".

As I emerged from my nice, cosy apartment block I scrolled through my i-pod for some inspirational music... I decided on the Gossip Girl Soundtrack, which for some reason gets me very happy lately.

After a moment of standing on the pavement and wondering how i should start, I just launched myself into a run (maybe not the best idea), By the end of the road I was panting and wheezing like an overweight chain smoker (and I am neither of those things). I managed to walk a bit further and then eventually admitted a temporary defeat and tried to jog all the way back home….

When I got back into the apartment I could tell The Boyf was rather amused to see I was back home after only about 10 minutes, but as usual he was encouraging and Said things like “it will get easier the more you do it” and “look how cute you’re red, glowing face is” (you rock, hun!)

Last night I attempted to go for a run/walk again (which seriously impressed The Boyf). I didnt really feel like it at first , but then I remembered my horrid changing room moment and I was off....... (tonight i may have to hit the gym)
Hmmm, maybe i should be thanking the clothing stores for their horrible changing rooms - because if it wasn't for their horrible lighting and honest mirrors I would not be feeling as motivated as I am right now.

What motivates you to exercise?


  1. LOL, i know exactly how you feel (and i say this while eating potato salad!) i hate those mirrors, i am sure i am not that jiggly in normal light :P good luck with the running! i might hit the gym later :)

  2. I'm so sorry - I laughed out loud while reading. I can imagine myself in the exact same state, and Adam trying to be encouraging and stifle his laughs as I quickly retreat.

    Tonight I start the shape 10km in 12 weeks challenge - am probably only going to make it to the end of my block.

    But hey, at least we're trying right? ... baby steps

  3. I am motivated the same way as you...looking in the mirror!


    Unfortunatly I can't excersize right now because of a foot injury that takes about 6 weeks to heal. It's very frustrating because I want to go out and walk so bad - and so does my doggie!Especially since the weather is so nice. I've been trying to help my body out in other ways though like eating better and trying so hard to be less stressed out.

    Good for you on going out and doing it! And I wish you all the best luck!

  4. I feel motivated by climbing because I love it, I find it almost impossible to be motivated for the gym though, maybe shop mirrors would help.

  5. ugh changing rooms can ruin ANY day!

    Good for you for trying though! keep it up!

  6. yeah....last week I also had an encounter with "The Changing Room Mirrors". It was TERRIBLE! and that motivated me to start eating a bit better...i'm not at the gym yet but are slowly trying to push myself to start gymming again. I'm paying for it every month but NEVER go!! :O


  7. Good Luck and keep us updated! Maybe you're just the inspiration some of us need!!


  8. Mirror, mirror, on the wall. . . who's the pudgiest one of all????

  9. Run for me to will you Brazen? ;)

  10. nothing motivates me to excercise, that is the problem! I NEED to excercise...

    Maybe I should put changing room mirrors all around my house...wait, bad idea!

    I am cheering you on!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!

  11. I don't know why clothing stores haven't changed their er, changing room mirrors. I don't know anyone who looks flattering in them. Would it hurt to get some soft lighting and different sized mirrors? good luck with the gym. I'm housesitting at the moment and am too far away from gym, in this type of weather it's a blessing! I can finally not feel guilty about not going as often as I should.

  12. Reading fitness magazines motivates me to exercise. If you're serious about running I recommend to Couch to 5k program. It's a really good gradual training program.

  13. Having a gym/exercising partner motivates me to do more and do better than that person. It gets me competitive! As well as having a Sensei in a dojo doing kickboxing or something similar. THAT's motivating!! You should try it...

    Good luck and keep being an inspiration for all of us!!

  14. I don't like running. Not really. I like dancing and walking. I walk to clear my mind. I walk to come up with various blog posts.

  15. Well, those YDE mirrors are pure evil!! I hate them!

    I've been saying a thousand times that I need to either run or go to the gym (the gym being a 10 minute brisk walk from where I live), but alas I still haven't. At least you have the determination to ~ and with the GG soundtrack in the background, it's perfect!

    Good luck Cookz and keep us updated :)


  16. Totally in the same boat. I put on last summers bikini a few days ago and about died.
    Then my boy and I decided to get up early this morning and workout a little.
    Exercise sucks.

  17. lovely post and lovely blog toon ! <3

  18. I went to the gym today TOO!!!

    although I have a feeling i need it a lot more than YOU.

  19. I enjoyed this post!

    Looking at my really old skinny pictures really motivates me. Thanks for this post because I really need to get back into the working out gig!

  20. I don't understand shops, I mean surely if their mirrors were flattering they'd sell more clothes?

    I tried the Shape 10km in 12 weeks challenge but it didn't work out. I found the best way to start running was to run for one song and then walk for the next song and so on. And try walk or a few mnutes first to warm up a bit.

    After a bit you'll find you can run for longer songs or for two songs and so on.

    Good luck!

  21. I am with you on the changing room mirror feeling - how they can leave you feeling... YDE is one of the worst but there are so many others. Definitely designed by men and costs are kept at an absolute min when installation is taking place.

    If you ever want to feel better about yourself, go to Woolworths at the Waterfront or some Temptations stores are pretty good with their change rooms. But hey, who really wants to look unbelievably hot every time they look in a mirror, no matter what mirror, no matter where? Pick me! Pick me! Ha ha!

    Imagine how much more those shops would sell if they improved on the very place that makes or breaks a sale for us women?!?!?!

    P.S. Virgin Active Wembley Square has a slimming mirror in their main studio so it's an awesome bonus when exercising because you can't help but feel good about yourself while exercising - clever!

  22. oh goodness, i don't think i want to look at myself naked in a mirror EVER again!
    though that said, i did manage to go from couch potato to running 2 10k races last year. just follow a plan - google the couch to 10k program. i used it and it worked.
    usually the fit of my clothes motivates me to get moving, but it's not working right now!

  23. I am motivated by how my jeans are fitting and how guilty I feel when I don't get out and do something! Even if it's just going for a walk I always feel better because at least I made an effort to be more active than I normally am. Good luck with the running!

  24. I used to hate gym and running and anything remotely cardio - but then I did Muaythai, and suddenly it all started making sense.

    Po is right, if you enjoy something then it becomes less about 'having to' do it, and more about wanting to do it. I'm trying to get back to my former Muaythai glory, and I've learned to love running... it's more an outlet for me than anything else, and I love it more than gym. Even gym can be fun once you start getting into it though!

    So to hell with what the mirror says - find something you love doing, and do it to feel good! The looking good will follow. :-)

  25. if you live in Cape Town and want to get fit (and loose cm at the same time)-
    the one and only place I reccommend is TRANSFIT in Claremont (

    I have been going there for 5 months and have never be this fit in my life!!! The Training is awsome, its so dynamic and different, def something to try if you enjoy exercising like I do. x


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