Friday, 17 July 2009

Skyping and scary sheep

Last night I was chatting to my good friend, Mish Mish on Skype (she lives in USA). We always end up having the most random chats - Sometimes they sound something like this:

Mish: Oh, I love the English Countryside. So much green and yellow with sheep all over.
Me: Sheep freak me out. They look all innocent, just standing around mindlessly chewing on grass, but I bet they attack people
Mish: *laughter* maybe...
Me: I try stay away from sheep. Their eyes seem a bit glazed over eyes zombie eyes.
Mish: *laughs* I'm not too worried, I know they probably would not attack me -but they would attack you because you eat them ( Mish Mish is a vegetarian)
Me: *laughs* Well, I think they would attack you too because you would try steal their grass. I see it now....The sheep would be chanting - baaad vegetarian, baaaaad vegetarian...aren't we good enough for you to eat
Mish: *hysterical laughter*
Ps - THIS movie shows the true nature of sheep.

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  1. What movie? Is there a link? Coz I can't click on it. Maybe I'm just a moron.

  2. Sending a shout out your way! :)

  3. I've seen the movie! It was AWESOME!!! Apart from the sex scene that is...

  4. Lol ,i love random convos. myself and my sis have them about maggots.... alot. actually its kind of weird! lol :P

  5. omw..would it be a good thing to watch that movie..cos at this stage i also still like sheep!
    skype is awesome..dunno what i would do without cool for staying connected to your overseas friends & family!
    hav a gr8 wknd!!

  6. sheep scare the bejesus out of me.
    have a fabulous weekend!

  7. I saw that movie, and it has changed my view of sheep forever, but not my view of New Zealanders :) Just kidding!

  8. Aaaah!!!! I was hoping that that would be the link. When I saw this post, I thought of exactly that movie.
    Zombie-freaking-sheep-made-me-afraid-of-going-to-New-Zealand... Hahaha

  9. I've never seen the movie but now after reading the comments, sounds like a great one to watch in the dark with my tough boys!

  10. i dont want to alarm you, but i think there's a sheep in your hallway. im pretty sure i can spot one in that picture..

  11. okay, so THAT sheep scared me a little.

  12. Thanks for finding me so now I know about you! Love your blog, it's so witty. This post made me laugh out loud. Although I think sheep are cute, that picture you posted of the one in the hallway is a little creepy and somewhat menacing. I can see the scene playing out something like:

    You: "I just need to grab my jacket near you, ok?"

    Hallway stare-off ensues in silence.

    Sheep (eyeing you suspiciously): "Baaaaa...."

  13. haha ,,,,,(laughing sheepishly)

  14. You're crazy! Sheep are sweet.

    It's GOATS that have the zombie eyes...


  15. LOL!!! Question, do you need a webcam for skype?

  16. hahahaha . . . Just as funny the second time around! =-D

  17. When men talk about sheep, it has a totally different connotation.

  18. Black Sheep...someone recommended I watch that...just for the fun factor alone!!! :-)


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