Cupcake craving, family time & cocktails

I know I been kinda quiet on here the last few days....sorry, darlings. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes *hugs*. I'm definitely feeling better, but still feel a bit...well...not myself.

My healthy eating plan has been going out of the window. Lately I seem to be drawn to naughty baked goods- like cupcakes, brownies and chocolate croissants.I took the above picture yesterday (with my phone), just moments before I devoured the sweet treat *grins*. I totally blame the weather for making me want to comfort eat.

Tomorrow morning The Boyf is off to see his family for 4 days. I will miss him, but I think its great that he is going alone as he will get to spend some real quality time with his brother (who is moving back overseas). While The Boyf is away I plan to keep myself occupied by spending lots of quality time with my family and hopefully will catch up with a few girlfriends too :)
Tomorrow night I am off to a friends cocktail birthday party. So I'm pulling out my favourite black cocktail dress and wearing it with: black stockings, black peep toe heels, a long black coat and probably some sparkling earrings. Hopefully this will make a good winter cocktail outfit.

Have any interesting weekend plans?
(photo by me)


  1. I think i am always tempted by baked goods! :P Enjoy your family and girly time! This weekend i am going to a wine festival so hopefully that will be nice although i miss SA wines so much! Outfit sounds winter chic btw xx

  2. That cupcake looks delicious, did you make it? I crave that stuff all the time, but I am living in permanent winter.

  3. I'm kid free this weekend, a much needed respite after our Disney World vacation.

    I plan on putting on a bathing suit, parking the boat in the middle of the lake, drinking a few cold drinks, and just....breathing. ;)

    Big hugs to you, my friend.

  4. Your weekend plans has ME excited. I LOVE dressing up. I love rocking a dress. Anyway, there's this writing contest at PeterdeWolf's blog (link on my blog) you should TOTALLY check it out.

  5. Superficial - thanks. Wine festival sounds nice. Enjoy x

    Po - It was delicious. Nope, i bought it :)

    Sass - That sounds like an awesome weekend plan. Can I come along? Big hugs back to you.

  6. Dude I bought a 6 pack of cupcakes on Monday...there aren't any left. *blush*

  7. why not try a bright red cardigan or something, a black cardigan kind of blends into the dress and distorts your shape. i dunno, just a suggestion.

  8. anonymous - good idea. Maybe I will try a grey cardigan

  9. Mmm that cupcake looks good. Glad you are feeling better. The outfit looks great too and it's lovely to have girly time when the other half is away because you look forward so much more to seeing him. And finally this weekend I shall be sunning myself in Nice celebrating my birthday :) Have a good one! x

  10. I could eat a giant cupcake right now. Mmm...

  11. Cupcakes! Give me strength! And shame on you for tempting me... :)

  12. Cupcakes always make meeee feel better, so I think we're on the same page!

  13. That's awesome and kak at the same time. Boyf going away not so nice but spending time alone with family and the girls is awesome. Do enjoy!

    I'm not a big cupcake fan for the plain fact I don't like icing sugar. Bonus for me I guess. My soft spot is home made food or braai meat, braaibroodjies... you know.. the whole South African shebang. (Read:Boerekos) ... Hope you can read a bit of Afrikaans.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that outfit. It's super cute!

    Enjoy and take care!!!
    I'm just going to a 21st bash on Saturday night and to the farm for a bit of relaxing sister time...

  14. Who ate all the cup cakes?

  15. chocolate croissants from Rosa's bakery.... and cupcakes! why do they have to be sooo good?

  16. why blame the weather? it's just good sense to eat those things. that picture looks so good!
    the outfit sounds fabulous! hope you're going to do some fierce eye makeup to go with it!
    have a fabulous weekend!

  17. I've been hitting the comfort food strong lately too. :/

    Hope you have fun at the party, I'm sure that you're outfit will be great.

    Technically I sort of had my weekend plans. I had some friends come spend the night with me at my new place. I have pictures on my blog. Good times! :)

  18. I can't stand too many cupcakes- I am a minimalist icing eater person. I hate loads of icing... with a passion.

    But I have MAJOR chocolate cravings though but they're usually timed around that time... so it's okay.

    My weakness is cold drink; which is pure sugar. My word I can't get enough about it.

    But your weekend sounds grand. I had a party with the girls friday, funeral saturday, birthday sunday and homework catch up monday... so I'm pretty busy but it's nice I guess.

    At the moment I should be doing homework... but I'm checking my blogs.

    Hope your weekend is good!


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